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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Debunking Web Builder Myths and The Truth Behind Them

Most of these rumors and myths are spread around by professionals that build websites for a living. They do not like website builders because they take away their business. There are a lot of rumors about web builders. However, most of what they say about web builders is false. Here are some of the common myths, and the truth behind them.

Site Builders Can't Get Listed in the Search Engines

Some people will claim that sites built with a web builder cannot get listed in the search engines. This is based on the fact that search engines such as Google do not tend to list duplicate sites. Site builders do create similar sites as far as background images and headers are concerned. However, this is not what Google and other search engines look for. The search engines are looking at content. So, even if you manage to choose all of the same options and templates as another site that is created with the same website builder, you are sure to be listed in the search engines as long as you have your own domain name (not a sub domain), and you do not duplicate content.

Site Builders are Limited in Features and AddOns

This myth is simply not true. Web builders have come a long way over the years, and most features or add ons that can possibly be added to a site are available through the best website builders. However, if the site builder does not offer the feature you require, you simply need to find it elsewhere on the web. You can generally find websites that, for free or a small service charge, will customize a feature or add-on for your site and provide the code to make it happen. All you have to do is copy the code and paste it into your website.

Some people will tell you this is not possible with a site builder. However, this is also not true. In fact, most web builders will allow you to edit the HTML code for the site by going into what is called the WYSWYG editor. The best website builders will have this feature, and it will allow you to easily copy and paste any code necessary that is not already provided by the web builder.

Site Builders Cost Too Much Money Long Term

Website building professionals want you to believe that a web builder will cost you as much or more than their services. However, this is simply not the case. In truth, a good web builder can be as little as twenty-five dollars per month, and include web hosting. Alternatively, you can pay a professional as much as a thousand dollars or more to build your site, and must pay an additional fee when you want that site updated. In addition, you still have to pay for hosting. While the monthly cost is recurring the entire time you have your site, it is still a cost-effective method.

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