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About Info Blogging !

Info Blogging is just an ordinary man who is trying to develop talents and abilities which may be useful for many people.
Info Blogging is established since July 2011, actually more specific info to the world of engineering, science and technology, are very interested also in the field of blogging, internet and web design.
Info Blogging hoped, do whatever, hopefully useful and help others with what you've Info Blogging describe in this blog. Hope it helps.

In terms of blogging, Info Blogging trying to fill the spare time to develop a talent that is being elaborated that interest in blogging. Actual info in this blog are blogging is learning stage and eager to share what is known in the blogosphere, and also expect criticism from others for constructive criticism toward a success.

Was Born

Info Blogging live in Jakarta, Indonesia and is currently working at the company in the field of engineering.

Future Expectations.

Info blogging hoping forward to better and will greatly help people a lot in terms of blogging.

Enjoyment of Specific

Info Blogging is identical and very fond of music, especially pop music alternative rock and jazz. And, the beauty of a woman is a very specific thing that is very loved by him ... maybe this is just a blessing ..:)

Contact Person

If there is a desire to connect with info blogging about anything, you can call anytime and will be considered for the reply and hope to keep in touch.


Said the Wise Words that Motivate

  •  "The more we know, the more also we do not know"
  •  "Pain makes you think. Thoughts to make you wise. Wisdom allows us to survive in life." (John Pattrick).
  •  "Success is the ability to pass and tackle from one failure to the next without losing enthusiasm." (Winston Churchill)
  •  "Better to fight and lose than not have fought at all." (Arthur Hugh Clough)
  •  "When people begin with certainties, he will end up with doubt. If people begin with doubts, he will end up with certainty." (Francis Bacon)
  • "Humility, like famous people. But people who are not anything hard to be humble." (Paul Valery) 

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