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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

About Nofollow and Dofollow

Did you know something about Blog Dofollow and Blog Nofollow ?
Ofcourse if you are a Blogger. Here i made a little information about Blog Dofollow and Nofollow that i know.
The advantages and disadvantages of blogs dofollow and nofollow blog to blog owners and visitors of the blog we try to compare in the form of a list of the following:

Here are some advantages and disadvantages between the blog Dofollow and Nofollow blogs:

Dofollow Blog

The Owner Of The Blog Dofollow:

-  Number Of Comments
Number of comments more especially from the visitors who want to take advantage of opportunistic free backlink.

-  The Quality Of Comments
Most of the comment is SPAM and is not qualified.

-  The number and quality of Visitors
Visitors primarily visitors will often visit opportunists to leave a comment so that the numbers are increasingly.

-  Google PageRank
Google PageRank will be lower due to the effects of pagerank. Google is also less like a blog that has too many outbound links in internal link appeal. For it needs to be balanced with a backlink from the outside.

-  Alexa Rank
Alexa rankings are generally fast down or low for this type of blog traffic blog getting more and more crowded because that means more and more good.

Visitors Blog Dofollow:

-  PageRank
Free backlinks to your blog visitors, which could help enhancing PageRank when blogs are visited have high pagerank.

Nofollow Blog

The Owner Of The Block Of Nofollow:

-  Number Of Comments
Number of comments and loyal visitors come from blogs or new visitors who wish to get acquainted or only this.

-  The Quality Of Comments
Better quality comments and general comments are given as the contents of the writings of beneficial or in the form of a question.

-  The number and quality of Visitors
Visitors are especially loyal visitors or visitors is just going to come back again when blog content is beneficial to them.

-  Google Page Rank
Google PageRank will not be affected.

-  Alexa Rank
Alexa rankings are generally slower down unless the contents of the blog interesting and useful so crowded visitors.

Visitors Blog Nofollow:

-  PageRank
There is no influence to the page rank blog visitors.

Conclusion Of A Combination Of Dofollow And Nofollow:

See the advantages and disadvantages of each type of blog dofollow or nofollow, blog type which should we choose? It is completely dependent on the respective blog owners.

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