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Friday, August 19, 2011

Blog: Selection of the Right Template

"Your template is your identity. Selection of templates can not be done haphazardly."

Selection of templates is very important in making a blog because it affects the theme of the topic of the blog that we created. Blogs are not just seen for ourselves as admin but also for those who act as a visitor.
For non-commercial blog, elections are free templates you can do unilaterally to remember that it is not intended to monetize even possible is devoted to your own.
I just want to share about tips and tricks on choosing a template.

Remember Your Niche

Ask yourself, what would the theme on the stretcher? Is Money Fresh $ _ $, Blog Tutorial, Cord Guitar, Gallery & screen shoot or the other. Do not use a theme that does not connect like Lifestyle niche but using templates with a style portfolio. Use the template that matches the theme of your blog.

Note the Comments Log in

While visiting the gallery such as blogger like or, the bottom of the template usually contains a comment. We can not say if the template is not good without comment, or a template that many of his comments was good. Consider the content of incoming comments. They were angry, grateful, or denounced even ask?

I Like this Analysis:

- Comments that contain acknowledgments, means the author is very spirit up to say thank you, or he was dying and was in desperate need of design like that or even worse ... he was blog walking. It should not be used as a reference since you do not necessarily need it as well.

- Comments reproach, anger, etc. are blood relatives. You can guess that the template was a lot of the problem. Do not pass it cross browser or design is a mess ... somehow. This is what you make reference. If you do not need to be taken.

- Comments asking. These commentators do not understand having read the tutorial from the designers as well or because the tutorial does not exist? Some templates do have a fairly complicated installation instructions. Usually does the template complex or portfolio-based magazine that uses jquery and mootools. If you're unsure, do not be taken.

Tested In Major Browsers

Make sure the template that you want / use have been tested in major browsers such as Mozilla FF 3 and above, Opera 10, all kinds of Chrome, Safari all the family, and most importantly, IE 7-8. IE family is the most you need to consider given that he usually destroy the look of the template.

"If you create a template / theme of any kind made ​​as beautiful as possible, but still look neat and legible on the web browser even worst. Because we will never know what web browsers visitors use, and we certainly can not force it. "

This process can be regarded as the most important process in exploring the gallery template. Although looks beautiful in the eyes of Mozilla FF but in IE if the scattered family, should not be taken. This can only damage your reputation as a professional blogger.


Note also in terms of its SEO. Is the placement tag tag was done perfectly. This stage is called the semantic structure. There is one interesting tools that you can use to analyze an SEO friendly design templates. His name is Raven. There is a version of its trial.


When downloading, look at his size. I do not recommend you to use the template XML file size is greater than 50KB. Do not see this size when downloading. Sometimes the file you downloaded is size great because its author much fill (* could have been a stone). So if you want to see the original size, extract the first rar file / zip and search XML files. If it were XML files over 50KB size should not be used. But this is just a suggestion. It all depends on you.

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