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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Increase Your Blog Ranking and Performance

At this writing there are some good ways to increase PageRank and good blog, I can from the webmasters who has been poor across the world of blogger and already have a good reputation .. Maybe with the way our blogger, especially newbies can improve our blog PageRank.

How to Increase PageRank blog:

1. Using the technique of SEO service providers paid, to find you simply type in "SEO Tools" on google search.

2. Doing it manually
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the services of a paid SEO service providers
The advantage you do not bother promoting your blog, simply by paying a certain price then your blog will be flooded with visitors.


1.  To get high traffic (increase Alexa rank), register your blog as an advertiser on the local advertising service provider,  you only pay if there is a unique visitor who clicks on your ad they will be in a day , relevant to Alexa that ranks based on unique visitors.
Weakness means no 1, you need money to pay, if the contract is complete is not necessarily going to increase traffic to your blog. Symptoms of this drastic decline in traffic that Google can be considered as an anomaly, even worse, your blog can be a penalty because Google detects a process of drastic fluctuations in traffic, can result in your page rank will drop.

2.  To get a lot of back links, subscribe to the service provider back click paid.
The disadvantage: you can not control whether the back links that point to your site in accordance with your blog category, because Google assess the quantity and quality back links to increase your blog rankings.

How to Increase Google PageRank of your blog manually:

1.  Create a post that attracted so many visitors that come, be with tutorials, tips, tricks or info that is warm / trend.

2.  List of blogs on search engines, verify and register your blog in google site map so easily indexed.

3.  Find a quality back link as much as possible, if your blog PageRank 2, search for back links to the blog page rank 3, 4, and higher (preferably by category of your blog, as Google judge based on the quantity and quality of the link).

4.  Commenting on blogs that many visitors and has a high PageRank, a nice comment in order to attract the attention of the blog owner or other users, include a link so others can easily lead to your blog (this is expected to increase traffic to your blog).

5.  Update your blog regularly, if you want to make 4 posts I suggest you should update the two current and two more tomorrow or you can use regular posts published (scheduled), because Google is more pleased with the frequently updated site because Google considers there is a continuous activity in your blog. Note: 2 posts this week and then 2 more posts next week (more unpopular than 4 posts in Google this week, and 4 post next 2 weeks / no vacuum in 1 week).

6.  Submit your blog to web directories, free directory or blog.
The more links from other blogs to your blog, then Google will assume your blog more weighty.

7.  Active discussions in forums such as the Google group, yahoo answer, or social networking sites like my space, yuwie, create articles or answers there that contains a summary and a link to your blog.

8.  Submit your blog to Technorati and other social bookmarking.

9.  If your post has been indexed by google and came up the first page of google search, you should never replace the title with a reason to adjust to the category or title less attractive grammar, because the page will be a penalty from Google, page ranking can go down as a result Google considers that page is new page.

10.  Install the Alexa toolbar on your browser, or install the Alexa widget on the blog.

11.  Get used to go to the blog using a Google search.

12.  Keep the credibility of your blog, do not ever commit fraud against the search engines, it is there I find on some blogs that contain only tags and links that trap visitors because the site is no post that there is only a page full of ads, possibly in the hope that trapped visitors to click on ads so that site owners to increase revenue.
Though psychologically in the long run these sites will be left by visitors.

13.  Never make assumptions you understand Goggles blog, but do the opposite of your site make friends with Google. Try to create a post title that has been known  Google phrase, this can you see when using Google search, for example in the search text box when typing s will show the option of SEO, SEO Tools, use words that have been recognized by Google if post you are dealing with SEO, do not modify the SEOS, or SEOTools to look different with the others, because Google will be confused with the post title as above.

14.  Create links between pages, and links from the Home page to sub pages and vice verse, you can use the navigation links or links within the post that leads to another post.

15.  Do not use too much javascript code in your blog, you should use html script, because Google is more sensitive to the html code. You can also choose a template that is easy loading, usually heavy loading templates if many uses javascript or background image, multimedia or flash to decorate the blog to make it look pretty.  We not decorate the blog but streamline / template that requires light in order to facilitate robotic loading Google crawls the existing script in the blog.

16.  Use the site with its own domain (pay), it's not to me because I don,t have much money ..: D

Google is more pleased with sites that have their own domain rather than a free blog like blogger, etc..

17.  Etc.

With higher PageRank, there are several advantages:

1.Refer to the  experience of the webmasters, we are more easily sign up for Google AdSense blog, and when using Google AdSense on feeds, then the feed that you monetize your ad will appear from Google, if you register at the local pay per click AdSense, then your income could be higher if you take individual zones.

2. With higher PageRank then the weight of your website pages will be higher by Google (the blog pages of high page rank higher priority in the order of the list of google search, if PageRank 2 is more likely to top 10 google searches compared with a PageRank 1, provided traffic / visitors as ).

3.With increase PageRank blog page then you can quickly indexed by Google. so the greater your chances of getting top positions in search engines. If it has been in the first page of Google search results, you are likely to get visitors to your blog.

4. Can more quickly post pages google indexed.

5. There are several online businesses that require a specific homework to be a member.

6. etc.

We hope to continue to increase Google PageRank for us.

Broadly speaking, the effect on the PageRank is the number of links pointing to your blog (back links) plus the number of clicks or frequency of appearance of the page containing the link, keyword relevancy, keyword density, placement of anchor text, the speed of loading web pages, and others.
Alexa rank is influenced by a number of unique visits to your blog. The more visitors, the higher Alexa ranking, the smaller the numbers listed on the Alexa toolbar.

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I think its always get you batter results if you hire some professional seo web design services company to do all this for you, i think its best because they are professional, they know exactly how to do, and what to do at what time.

Farooq Khan...yes, you are right, thank you for your ideas and suggestions

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