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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Steps to Replace or Change Account Email in Android Phone

Currently Android phones like the plague in the world, including in Indonesia of course. In addition to style, Android also promises the ability to browse on the Internet quickly.

Because of these abilities, often you choose to open an email via mobile than PC. Problems often arise here, especially if you have two GMail email the same. Certainly changed from one GMail account to another account not so easy when done in a PC.

Therefore we provide the following steps to change the GMail account on your mobile android without doing a reset.

1.  Back to Home first.

2.  Click Menu

3.  Go to Settings-> Application-> Manage Application.

4.  Find and click the Google Apps

5.  Click the button "Clear Data"

6.  When the show prompted "All information you've saved in this

Will the application be deleted Permanently ", Click OK

7.  Then press the "Back" and then to click the "Synchronize Data"

or through the Home> Menu> Settings> Data synchronization.

- Will display a Wizard to insert a new Google account. This wizard appears when you just bought a new android handset or when you've just done a wipe through hard reset.

In addition there is an easier way, but your phone must be root first.

1.  Hp should be root first.

2.  After in-root, use the root explorer.

3.  Go to data / system

4.  Delete the file "accounts.db"

5.  Once removed, please in-Restart / Reboot

Good luck !

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