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Friday, August 12, 2011

The True Blogger

Auto blogger have been the talk of the web for quite some time now, but for what? Auto blogger bring nothing new to the online world. These people strive to steal others works, take credit, and make money from it, but this isn’t funny. A lot of blogger are sick and tired of auto blogger ranking for their keywords – and quite frankly, we are too.

How do we stop an Auto Blogger?

Easy, beat them at their own game – write quality content, and drive back link towards your site – that way, they have to work harder, and can’t compete against us. Google has been knocking out a lot of auto blog websites from search, and that’s good news, because true webmasters should be winning – and its always been that way, quality content, over spam.

What if an Auto Blogger is beating us?

Step up our content writing skills, and guest posts along the way – also build more links – either through link exchanging, press releases, or article marketing – I’ve yet to see a true webmaster get beat by an auto blogger, why?
Because Auto Blogging is bad, and very annoying – its not unique, its copying, and really if you copy someone, then strive to be better than them – sure, you can have a highly ranked auto blogger, but what if someone reports you? Then, you’re screwed.

So, one thing maybe useful to all blogger is – work hard if an auto blogger is beating – strive to have the best content, and strive to outlast auto blogger – if Google can strive to knock these people out, so can us.

So, focus on not auto blogger, but focus on quality content that helps our rank higher – for certain keywords, because we all know that "Content is King", but it has to be of quality, that way people link us and come to our site for resource – and being unique – nobody likes a copycat – and nobody likes people that copy in order to succeed – so if we run an autoblog, then we need to focus on developing other sites, that aren’t using other’s RSS feeds for content – or anything of that matter.

It’s not hard to come up with our content, its actually quite easy if we’re a true blogger, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) person that knows how to be creative – so the fact remains, auto blogger is dead, and true SEO is back.

Great job Google for dropping the ban hammer on a lot of the cheating webmasters – they give "true" SEO a bad name, why?
Auto blogging sucks and so does the people that copy other’s content – we’re sick of it, Google is sick of it, and I’m pretty sure a lot of other search engines will follow.

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