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Friday, August 5, 2011

What Changes That You Need Before Starting The Guest Posting ?

We can learn this post together to make our blog qualified.
Guest posting has become quite popular during recent times as internet marketer look for some newer ways to promote their blog. But did you know that there are some changes that you can make to your own blog in order to maximize the benefits that you can derive from guest blogging? In this article I will be speaking about 5 interesting changes that you can make to your site in order to help you benefit from guest blogging.

»  Introduce Yourself

For someone to visit your site they need to have been impressed by your guest post. In the majority of cases they will want to learn more about you and as such will be interested to visit your About page. This is where the main problem lies. Many bloggers don’t have a proper introduction and worst, they may have left the original WordPress page in place.

If you are serious about promoting your site, you should make it a point to have a proper introduction on your site where you might be introducing your blog, your contact details and also a photo. This can help you build a lasting relationship with your readers.

»  Social Media Buttons

Guest blogging will allow you to experience a surge in your traffic and you might want to seize this opportunity to build your own social media presence. For this reason you might want to place your social media buttons in some highly visible place. Do not leave just a text link as many other bloggers do as this can hinder your chance of developing your social media sites.

»  Template is Important
It is important that you pay attention to your blog template. Like it or not people judge a lot of things by appearance and it might therefore be important that you give a professional feel to your blog. If you are using a CMS then there are plenty of premium themes that are available at affordable prices to help you revamp your site. Alternatively you might want to pay a freelancer a small amount so as to develop a professional template for your site.

»  Hosting and Site Issues

It is important that you consider your site as well as your host before starting your guest post campaign. In the majority of cases you will expect a surge in traffic towards your blog and it might be a good idea that you ensure that your host can cater for this sudden increase in visitors.

»  Quality Content

Before starting guest posting you need to ensure that you have enough quality content on your site. As said above people will only click all the way to your site if they are genuinely interested in your writing and as such it might be important that you provide them with more articles. This is why I don’t recommend people with new blogs to start guest posting. Make sure that you have enough quality posts before starting your guest blogging campaign if you want to reap maximum benefits.
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