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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Computational Engine

So you always thought that Web was all about searches and huge compilation of searches. You were right, but what about when you enter something in a search box and press enter. All you get is a set of links depicting what might be closest to what you had entered. What if you wished to do some calculations, or get info about something, and you need not go clicking on multiple links that the search page reveals.

WolframAlpha is for you

While WolframAlpha changes the way you hit the search box, it also does a hell lot of things for you. Be it be getting info about some day in the past, current info about a place, do mathematical sums and equations, knowin stock prices or whatever. WolframAlpha surely is a computational engine, rather than being what others are – ‘search engine’.

The Innovative engine is launched by Wolfram Research, and surely is something to look out for in the future. Who else now wants to solve those complex trigonometric equations when you have an engine to do it right away for you.

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