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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Convert PSD to HTML Manually

PSD to HTML conversion is basically a deliberate attempt on part of developers and programmers to make a web page more readable for further benefits. Any conversion is often done to achieve certain benefits in sight to a website and the same is true with this PSD conversion. 
World Wide Web prefers readable web pages and gives due preference to them over those lacking readability factor.
After all, the target is to enhance the accessibility factor of a web page and allow it to reap rewards that naturally come by being online. 
Following are the two different ways of HTML format conversion from PSD:

Automatic Conversion

Automatic PSD to HTML conversion suggests that the task of conversion would rely heavily on tools, not on the human beings. There are diverse tools available in the market to carry out a certain type of conversion, and the use of many freely available software programs plays the part in this specific case. Automatic conversion will involve less time, less cost and almost negligible human intervention. Experts and expertise won't hold any real meaning when the task would be carried out automatically.

Manual Conversion

Manual conversion is the process where the entire task of conversion is done by human beings with a minimum use of tools or machines. Manual conversion needs experts, expertise, time and dedication to complete the task as per the needs and guidelines. The cost would be higher for manual coding than automatic one for involving a lot of human effort, efficiency, time and skills. Time would be consumed far more higher here than it would be in the automatic conversion. Overall, the end result is expected to come favorably when the task of conversion is done manually.

Drawbacks of Automatic Conversion

Quality of the conversion is seriously compromised when one chooses to go with automatic conversion of PSD to HTML. Usability factor of the web page comes down sharply to leave a lot to be desired. Time and cost would indeed remain low, but the end result might hardly satisfy the needs and results when there is the use of automatic conversion. Errors would be in numbers and thus, the outcome remains perpetually flawed.

Benefits of Manual Conversion

The benefits like SEO semantic and cross browser compatibility would be achieved if manual conversion is preferred to automatic one. The task of manual coding will need an expert coder with profound knowledge and experience of the art to fetch the desired result. Manual coding ensures that clean, readable and table- less codes gets generated to allow better functioning of the web page. More so, manual coding allows the clients and the programmers to have a say in the pattern and overall outcome of the coding.

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