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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guidelines to Increase Blog Readability

Blogging is about conveying information or sharing your thoughts online with the use of texts, images, videos and many other forms of media. First, you want to make sure that your blog post is enticing enough to attract readers to view your post. Secondly, you also want to make sure your blog is as clear and readable as possible for your readers to get the message that you are trying to convey.

There are some strategies where you can basically increase your blog post readability and ultimately increase your followers and readers online. Here are some of the guidelines that you want to consider when creating a blog post that is worth reading:

-  First Impressions Matter.

It may sound cliché but even on blogs the first few sentences have to be really impressive and interesting to entice your readers to read all the way to the end. This boils down to having an attention-grabbing headline followed by an engaging first couple of sentences. You can achieve this by starting with a question, a quote or anecdote, an analogy or any interesting facts.

-  Mind Your Blog Format.

Your blog should be presented in a way that is pleasing to the eyes and enhance the flow of reading. Unlike books, blogs must contain shorter paragraphs. Long paragraphs will make it look really boring. You can add images, lists, subheadings and simple fonts to increase readability. Stay away from fancy fonts. If you want your blog to be more readable always stick to light backgrounds with darker text. Headings and subheadings are also important to make it easier for readers to follow the course in your blog.

-  Don't compromise quality of content over the use of keywords for SEO.

Never stuff your blog content with keywords. Remember, your priority is to impress the human eyes and not the Google bots. You want your blog to read and sound naturally.

-  Your content must support and justify your title.

Your title must accurately reflect what you are trying to convey in your blog post. There is nothing more annoying than to have a title that is not related to your content. In short, you must deliver whatever promise you made in your title. Don't just create a stunning headline to stir interest and controversy, and yet talk about something else in the content.

-  Determine your writing style and make it interesting.

Every writer should have their own signature writing style. It may be quite difficult to determine this at first if you are just starting but later on you should be able to establish your own unique writing that will set you apart and give your blog an identity. You can either choose to become comical, animated and sarcastic, among other things.

Creating a killer blog may not happen overnight, but implementing the above guidelines consistently will surely get you there. You will notice that your blog is better than the last and before you know it, you are already a superstar blogger that everyone raves about.

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