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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to - Loading Web Pages At A Faster Rate

Sometimes those microseconds seem like hours when we are waiting for a web page to completely load. There could be a thousand reasons why a page won't load. It would be nice to know how to load webpages at a faster rate, and since it can be done.

The system is taking forever and the level of frustration begins to rise. The problem could be that the hosting server is experiencing issues, or perhaps the page isn't successfully optimized. You do have control over the pages on your website.

Knowing how to load webpages does not take a lot of time to learn. Don't worry, the time spent will be worth your while. Hopefully we will learn a few tricks here that we can use the next time we are experiencing loading issues.


The first thing you can do is to save your images in a different format so that they take less space on the disk. Use Photoshop or a similar program to convert your images to.GIF or.JPEG. It may be another investment, but in the end it will be beneficial to your website.


Validate your XHTML code by using a w3c validation service. Due to its uniqueness, it can be a little frustrating at first; however, it will typically help your pages fit better in different browsers. Another benefit is that is helps out the search engine spiders to find your site.


Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) you are able to disperse large files, such as images, to several locations. When the information is requested by a user, they will receive the requested information from the closest source. By "pawning off" the larger images, the main server can work faster by providing the smaller files while the off-site server will work on providing just one file. Are you learning how to load webpages any faster yet?


Software that allows caching is very helpful to increase the loading of various web pages. If one PHP/ASP/JSP page is processed more than another, the server will cache a copy of it for later reference. Think of it as it being kept on the side lines; it's more readily available when a quick call occurs.


If you don't already know how to load webpages with a zip file, then this is an option you may want to start using. It is possible to decompress zip files before they reach your browser. If the Gzip or Deflate is decompressed, the data requested can possibly be unzipped by the time it reaches your monitor.

Making the most of the tools available on the Internet is a must for anyone who accesses the Internet on a regular basis. For those who don't browse the World Wide Web on a regular basis, they may just deal with the long upload times. Taking the time to learn how to load webpages at a faster rate will certainly give you more time to work on more important tasks.

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