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Friday, September 16, 2011

Optimize Keywords In Corporate Blogs

Numerous firms have started their blog to better engage and connect with their customers. But they do this often in narcissistic lens. In most cases, public relations offices manage social media and content for companies which are good for promoting brand and distributing information.
This is the perhaps a benefit of PR but the disadvantage is often overlooked. Many corporate blogs aren't just boring but also very had to find in search engines. Voice, key messages and timing are considered but the keywords that will drive traffic to the website are often neglected.

Blog, videos and podcast are cost effective ways to enhance traffic to your site. Any internet marketing solution firm can offer these marketing strategies for you.

The Importance of Keywords.

When a person search through a search engine, he usually types in words related to what he is looking for. The results will then show up on the results page with the most relevant site on top of the list. Search engines use keywords to know which sites will most likely show the information that a user is searching for.

As a company, it would be crucial that you know your keywords. For examples, if you have a site about web design, then you may have web design xxx or web design zzz on your keyword list. There are available tools to help you find the right words such as Google Keyword Tool.

Optimize Keywords in Corporate Blogs.

Take some time to research a keyword glossary. Whoever your target audience is, it can be customers, partners, journalists, investors and etc., they all use search for content online. Use a keyword search tool to help you determine which industry related keyword phrases are being used these days. Share this glossary with your content creators as a reference when developing and publishing online content.

Create a plan for blog content.

Starting your very own blog is easy but sustaining it for years isn't. Get into the habit of creating structured and flexible content for your corporate blog.
Decide which days follow a certain format and when to post wildcard entries. Assign keywords and topics to the planned articles, surveys, interviews, company news, live blogging and other types of content. Don't forget to tap into feedback mechanisms such as keyword search traffic, comments, social sharing options, off post citations and links to make sure you are right on track.

Include keywords in your content.

There have been hundreds of how to's on how to optimize web pages but to sum up the guidelines in article writing, it would be helpful to follow a very simple, generalized guideline- find a balance in optimizing content for readers and search engine crawlers. Omit one aspect and expect to lose the other.
Do both efficiently and you will boost your site's traffic and engage your customers. Include optimized keywords in the title tag of your post. The initial words in the title will matter most. Draft a title that is more focused on the reader.

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