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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Choosing An Appropriate Blog Theme to Affect The Readership

How does the blog theme affect your image and readership? Does the blog theme I use really matter? Why do I have to choose a good blog theme? While it is true that the content of the blog is what the readers really need, the look and feel of the blog is also a very important factor in gaining readership. With that said, choosing an appropriate blog theme is a decision that should never be taken lightly. For the sake of being specific, the "blog theme" I'm referring to is not the overall message of the blog but instead the design, the actual physical appearance of the blog.

1. The Blog Theme Gives Readers an Idea of What the Blog is About

As much as we would like to be idealistic, appearances really do matter, and blogging is no exception. You must find a blog theme that you think would reflect your blog's overall message. If you're presenting serious topics, then your theme should also look serious. There are actually readers out there like me for example, who look at the title first, then look at the blog design. If the blog design doesn't match, there's a chance that I might move on to another one because I'd think that the author might not be serious about the stuff he wrote about. Also, the blog theme reflects a part of the author's personality. Well not that it really matters that much but if you want to be taken seriously, then pick a more serious theme. If you wanna be funny, then pick a funny theme. That way, you will present a certain degree of consistency to the readers.

2. The Blog Theme Should Reach Out to the Target Audience

Think about the kind of people who might be interested in your blog. Think about the kind of people you want to write for. Is it for young or older people? Is it for general or personal? Whatever kind of readers you're aiming for, you should find a blog theme that you think would make them feel like they belong there. You should imagine how your readers would feel in seeing your blog design and if you find the one that you think would make your target audience comfortable, then that's it.

3. The Blog Theme Should Be Reader-Friendly

Think about what your readers might like to do while on your site and after reading a post. What if they'd like to read more? What if they would like to subscribe? Find a theme or structure the elements of your theme in order to make it easier for your readers to get what they want. It's the blogging version of customer service. Your readers would like things to be easier for them, and if they find your blog too complicated or if it takes too long for them to find what they want, chances are they would leave.

4. The Blog Theme Should Fit Your Own Needs

Choose a blog theme and structure it in a way that would make it easier for readers do what you'd want them to do. Confused? Of course you'd want them to subscribe right? If you do, then place the subscribe buttons somewhere easy to find. If you'd like to redirect them to another one of your sites, then make the links to that site visible to them. Would you like to place ads? Then find a theme that would let you place ads where you want it. Well yes, the needs of the readers should come first but you should also take your own needs into consideration. After all, you're the one putting effort into the blog right?

5. If Possible, Go the Extra Mile on Your Blog Theme

Anything that would give extra value to your readers is always welcome, just don't overdo it because it may become annoying. Going that extra mile and giving added value to your service could make readers feel comfortable with your site and ensure that they would come back over and over to read your other stuff. This could also prevent them from leaving your site to go somewhere else to do another task.


I know that with these different things to consider that I've written down, it may have made it a bit more complicated for you to choose a blog theme, but if you work on it I'm sure you'll get to it. Just never forget that the readers go first before you. Even if you think you've made the coolest theme in the world, if your readers don't appreciate it then what's the point? Make it easier for your readers and potential readers but also find a way to make it easier for you, and the rest will follow.

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