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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Using Adsense Templates

One method that affiliate marketers use to make money online is to display eBay auctions on their web site or blog. When they are in their eBay partner network account they can customize the items being displayed by typing in keywords that are relevant to their niche.

This is important because you want to display items that visitors to your site are interested in buying. If you have a site about gardening and you are showing eBay items on golf, then you have little or no chance of making any money with your eBay auction page.
First thing we do is design a web page template around my niche. With this template we will have a professional header and other graphics, a color scheme to match my niche and a layout so we can place Google AdSense ads on the page that blend in with the eBay auction items.

The second thing we do is make a content area in the template for my eBay auction items. This will make it very easy for pasting the code from eBay into my web page.
Now many people do not have the technical skill or knowledge to design a web page template. What I suggest you do is search for a professional AdSense template package that has the elements described above.
The advantage of finding such a package is that the templates will be:

1. Professionally designed

2. AdSense ads will be placed in high click areas

3. The correct AdSense ad format will be used

4. Content area included

5. Easy customization

By finding a quality AdSense template package you will save yourself a ton of time designing your web page and testing for the correct ad formats to use and where to place them for a high click through rate.

One tip especially for beginners is look for a video tutorial that comes with the package. With videos you will be able to see exactly how to add your AdSense code and content to the pages.

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