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Thursday, November 17, 2011

7 Advanced Ideas for a Pro Website Copywriter

What you should want to is not only try to push your service or goods to someone who is coming to your website or blog, but you should want to amuse, educate and entertain the visitor. The thing is that, if the article is really good it will drive not only visitors from search engines, but also a direct traffic, because people will share your content and link to your content. They will actually make some job for you to by linking to your content.

Now let me share some knowledge about how to write a good blog article.

1. If the article is about making a choice to forming an opinion, you should show the reader you are a real expert in what you are writing about. Provide them with some interesting facts and examples that support your idea. You must gain trust.

2. Structure the information. Remember, that the information you give to the reader must be easily digestible. You should not jump from one concept to another. Keep in mind the natural flaw of thought.

3. Split the article into as many logical parts as needed. You are a pro in what you are doing, so you should know all things to cover better. Just make your point clear and do not lead the reader into a deep bush of something that is difficult to understand.

4. Devote enough of space to the introduction of the article to make sure the reader will figure out what exactly they are about learn. The introduction is critical in the sense of inspiring for further reading.

5. Give them some takeaways. Takeaway is a kind of informational bonus or conclusion that the reader gets and understands only if they read the entire article. It also might be some additional information for further research on your blog or some other sources.

6. Inspire for further reading for your blog. It is actually very simple task to do. I am sure you have lots of quality content to consume besides the article you are going to publish, so why not to mention it? It will not only decrease the bounce rate but also make you more authority in your field.

7. Don't forget to about advertising. Your primary goal is to convert the reader into a client, so you should let them know you are not only information provider.

Finally you should remember that you should not try to push on your visitor, it will do no good to you. Times of direct marketing are already in the past. Your primary task is to become a witty authority in your field. Give information and tips for free so people were safe and confident to spend their hard-earned money with your company.

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i think the point of to Inspire for further reading for your blog is really a useful and main one!

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