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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tricks on How to Drive Web Traffic

Increasing traffic is one step closer to creating a profit. It also means that the business or the service that is being offered is gaining popularity among the consumers. It all depends on how you will use the tricks on how to drive web traffic to your website, squeeze pages and blogs.

Many good ideas on how to drive web traffic to your website, squeeze pages and blogs are floated everywhere in the internet. Some of the tricks might work while others might disappoint. Here are a few tricks that are known to work.

Link Websites

You can request to link your links with other links. This will help a lot while using search engines. If your website has useful information to other websites, they will link yours with theirs. If anyone accesses their sites they will see your link and find your site there. Many websites allow this. They do this for the reason that they are increasing there popularity and yours. This service is not for free however, most of the sites will charge you a monthly fee.

Rich Site Summary

Make sure in your site you will have a URL that can be subscribed to. This will help you subscribers learn of updates on the site. Anything that you update to the site blog or squeeze page will be automatically sent to their emails. You will be helping them keep in touch with the website at all times.

Vocal Marketing

Vocal marketing is a fancy way of saying word of mouth. Information travels very fast through word of mouth. In the internet, the same happens. This means that, people will forward emails faster than accessing your website. Make a way where you send an email to one of your subscribers and it is sent to all his email friends.

Have Forums And Conversations

Forums invite room for commenting from the readers. For every comment that is given, it is left with your link signature. Everyone who looks at the comment will have instant access to your site.

If you follow all these tricks to the letter, you will be amazed by the overwhelming response that you will get. Directing traffic to your blog, website or squeeze pages are easy. Try it and you will not regret.

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