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Saturday, December 17, 2011

All We Gonna Do With Kraftwurx Uber

The waters have certainly been tested in the 3D Printing Industry, now considered still in its infancy with an infinite number of future possibilities. Harnessing its vast potential and bringing that potential to the consumer in today's market place has yielded challenges. 

Kraftwurx, the newest player in this arena, has positioned itself to be the company that finally brings it all together. Thus far, the trend with companies like Kraftwurx has been to concentrate on in-house production of 3D Printed products to meet consumer demand, leaving only a small number of highly specialized jobs to be expedited by neighboring bureaus. This has afforded these companies some advantages. However, this business model has demonstrated some problems and inefficiencies that have negatively impacted their customers. Long lead times, material shortages and quality issues have become the norm, setting low standards and even lower consumer expectations.

Kraftwurx approach is entirely different. They establish a cooperative, dynamic web of veteran 3D Printing Bureaus across the globe, organized and structured to bring the highest quality products in the shortest time and at the lowest possible cost directly to the consumer. How are they accomplishing this? By leveraging the experience of the existing infrastructure and bringing their expertise to the table. The business model is all in the patent-pending software program licensed to Kraftwurx from sister company Digital Reality.

There is another aspect to the Kraftwurx business model. Democratized manufacturing is the name given to the maker-movement growing around the world. People everywhere with the skills to create and innovate are finding that 3D printing provides an excellent opportunity to bring their skills to market in the form of products and gadgets without the expense and difficulties of traditional manufacturing.

Kraftwurx is designed to place the customer in the driver's seat. The website makes it possible to design, manufacture and sell unique, personalized products, utilizing the wide range of bureaus available within the Kraftwurx network. These bureaus are offered the opportunity to produce the product as close to the end user as is possible, affording the consumer a competitive cost by avoiding shipping charges and possibly import/export and customs fees too. Not to mention that as a seller you don;t have to do anything but design and sell, kraftwurx handles everything else.

Finally, Kraftwurx provides the consumer with the ideal selling environment, by way of its User Accounts Stores, making the products available to online shoppers at the touch of a button. Revenue from these sales, in turn, will go directly back to the seller that created them.

It is really all about the customer from start to finish. Kraftwurx has observed the potential and is now poised to exploit it, yielding great benefits to those entrepreneurial individuals ready to capitalize on the next Industrial Revolution.

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