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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Helpful Tips To Getting Right With Keyword Frequency

There are several elements to find and use keywords in the right way. One of the most important is keyword frequency or keyword density. It's a measure of the percentage of times that the keyword shows up in your on-site SEO and your articles. Viral Video Marketing schemes are now very popular. Most online article directories will let you know, in no uncertain terms, if they feel you are keyword stuffing and trying to get an unfair advantage by using too many keywords for your article.

They will make you delete some of the keywords if you have too many. But what's too many? That can be tricky. It truly depends on what you are doing with the keywords. SEO may have different requirements than article marketing, for example (and not all article directories will tell you right away if they think you have too many keywords, some will simply not accept your article). The rule of thumb is to keep in mind that you're writing for people and not for search engines. What's important is that your writing style has a fluid-easy-to-read flow. Obviously it depends on what your keyword is as it's not easy to maintain the fluidity of the article if you try to stuff a lot of keywords in it. One additional rule of thumb is to keep your single word keywords to no more than 6% of the total word count and keep a 3% ratio for very long-tailed keywords of three or more words. These averages will need to be adjusted depending on your niche, but it's a place to begin.

There are many programs online that will help you calculate the percentage of keywords in your article but one method is just to do a 'find all' search in word. This can highlight the chosen text, in such cases your keywords. That may provide you with a visual representation of how many times your keyword appears. While it isn't a percentage that will provide you with a clearer picture of what your keyword density really is. If you have keywords in several sentences in each paragraph that is probably way too many and you will simply make some changes to the text.

Using software and searching in a Word document can give you a good idea of how many keywords you've got in any given piece. However the best overall thing to do is to read your article out loud and be sure it flows. Once you do that it will immediately sound odd if one word or phrase keeps showing up repeatedly. Even when it seems sensible in the context of the sentence, it's just not a natural way of speaking to keep repeating exactly the same word or phrase each time.

Even if your keyword may be put in the article often and still seem sensible, it still does not mean that is should be in every single paragraph, that's simply too much and it won't seem natural. Remember, the whole point of writing articles is to attract the reader to visit your website. Things like social media marketing services keep internet interesting. That will be hard to do if they stop reading your article because it seems weird or 'off'. Keep your keyword frequency to within reasonable limits, as I've defined above. You're going to get much better response from your articles if you do.

Viral Video Marketing is actually a scheme which facilitates and encourages people to pass along marketing video clips about services and products available. This could be successfully done by using Social Media Marketing Services, a great method that provides links, attention as well as huge numbers of page views by advertising your website or organization through social media channels.

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