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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Get Targeted Traffic That Converts

The way people have used the web has dictated to a large extent how they enter and leave your sales funnel. A note of caution here. There's a myth among people that sales and marketing starts when a prospect reaches your site and sees the first firm and completely owned representation of you.

If you've been around for a while, you may have noticed that the amount of traffic a blog gets and how it ranks both in the search engines as well as in people's eyes, is no more under the control of the webmaster. It's the visitors and the everyday users of the web who indirectly have control.

This works differently. The process of selling starts at first contact, your first ad, the first ever article you publish, the first ever request to make a click, the first tweet you send with a link. There's no second time lucky in the game of sales. And traffic is closely linked with all this. If you're pulling traffic without the intent to convert it, then you might be causing your website to die a slow death.

And to get this intent communicated right, it is important for you to understand how people's usage of the web is building up web trends. That is where you'll get the priceless answer of how to get traffic like the pros in any niche do.
This is over the different traffic segments and tell you in specific how the trend develops in each, which will lead us to the medium we use to get traffic


Giving away small pieces of solution specific software is a killer way of building a list. It is ALSO an awesome way to get traffic. Here's 2 places that have given good results and the traffic comes after they use your software and are satisfied with it. Better yet - give a manual covering partially most of the uses of that software and reserve the special uses for a booklet they can download at your site to make sure they visit. And it is a must to have that linkback WITHIN the software. People are lazy to search for manuals though they'd give everything to solve problems they are already facing.
Contact the webmasters if you face problems with distribution. Go ahead and ASK! They're running sites for this very purpose. And, do good research before getting your software made. It must be deeply related to the problems your market faces. And hire a programmer wisely. Usually you can get it made for pennies on the dollar unless it's very heavy coding, but again, avoid heavy applications when starting out.


Most people already know how blogs are big for driving traffic. But what a lot will miss out is how to make a blog build a mini sales funnel within itself. This is key to pulling traffic that CONVERTS. A self liquidating blog is what I call a "power blog".

Simply put, a power blog is one which appears to be a regular blog but is made with the purpose of building a lead funnel at the back end and only attracts visitors after thorough filtering. What this means is, you will need to set up a chain of link throughs hinting a solution available somewhere for a particular search term in your niche. Then, at the end of that chain, present your blog with that solution and relieve the person of their problem. Make sure this blog has a opt-in form - and possibly a "pay to opt-in system". This means you are a legit person and you're providing quality content which the consumer was desperate for when he got there. So a small $1 or $2 contribution would be great. And after all, you had to put in some effort in filtering  to this place.

If you're having heart palpitations at the suggestion of charging for an opt-in, consider this:

Which person is going to be a better buyer, the one who fakes an email address to get your freebie, OR the one who went through the trail of clues desperately and paid a little bit to receive more communication from you? Seriously, who is more interested ??

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