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Friday, January 13, 2012

Harnessing The Power Of Collective Intelligence To Increase The Value

One of the most important keys to having a Web 2.0 blog on the internet today is the two-way conversation that takes place between the blogger who is communicating a certain message, and the reader who is encouraged to contribute their input and opinions. This is a much different approach than that of traditional websites prior to the increased emphasis on social media online, since the conversation that took place between readers and writers was very much one-sided.

With today's websites and blogs there is a greater emphasis on community collaboration and collective intelligence of groups of readers and commenters, instead of the traditional path which has been to simply convey a certain message without any reader interaction. A good example of collective intelligence being used on a website is the concept of a wiki site, where readers may log in and create new pages on the site or they may edit existing pages.

Collective intelligence in this kind of a Web 2.0 fashion can also be used to create more value with your blog. The primary way that this can happen is that you simply have the website open for comments from readers, and this is a normal function that should be expected in most of the regular blogging platforms or content management systems. But the way that you can take this a step further is to encourage you readers to sign up as members so that they will return multiple times and leave multiple comments.

Certain types of widgets or add-ons for blogging software can put an increased emphasis on the community and commenting aspects of a blog, doing things such as creating a poll where you must be logged in to vote or showing a list of who the most active commenters are. When you decide to use your blog not only to convey information to your readers but to put an active emphasis on those who sign up as registered members, many of your members will begin to interact with each other.

This is a great example of how collective intelligence can increase the value of your blog, since you will now have a group of dedicated return readers who will actively participate in the discussion that you create using your blog posts. Not only will you have a group of people who regularly check back for new content, but they will also be adding content to your blog themselves and continuing to increase the value in that way as well.

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