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Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to Wisely Dealing with Criticism

6 ways wise face of criticism that is the result of my reflection with reference to various books and articles I have ever read.

6 ways wise to face these criticisms can be tried to be applied in everyday life.

1. Trying to take the same angle with the giver of criticism.

If successful, then we will truly understand the core reason for the giver of criticism in such criticism. If it is so, then we normally would not be too "hot" and disturbed so that it can be more relaxed in preparing an effective argument in response to the criticism.

2. Looking from the side of positive criticism.

Criticism can basically be classified into two things, namely that based on good intentions and bad intentions. However, as personal independence, we have a choice to see that all the criticism leveled on the intent of both (positive). This viewpoint is very advantageous because it makes our minds more clearly so that it can take criticism with a maximum benefit.

3. Do not let yourself get lost in hurt feelings and resentment when getting criticism, because it really hurt yourself. The loss is like burning the entire house himself to kill a rat is hiding behind the closet.

4. Embed assumptions to yourself that criticism is a boast.

Yes, criticism is usually directed to people who work, people who do nothing, or a person who holds the status of "important". In contrast, the passive, silent, and not usually far from popular criticism.

5. Take wisdom from any criticism that we can.

Critics often featured many important things are hidden from sight or mind. Before you react to criticism, we should examine it first. If criticism is wrong, can be ignored. But if true, then we can make an important means to improve themselves.

6. Use assertive manner in response to criticism.

Assertive way is the way that confirms the establishment and opinions confidently, clearly, firmly, and positive. Such an attitude allows us to express an opinion or will of the firm, elegant, and respectable while maintaining dignity and honor of others.

That's 6 ways wise to face criticism on the spot version of my own, which is the result of my reflection with reference to various books and articles I have ever read.

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