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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Rules You Must Keep When Creating Funnel Product Line

Creating a marketing sales funnel product line is requires research, planning and a definite execution strategy. The flow of products in the marketing sales funnel should solve an initial problem first and then suggest more products to solve or improve other problems the customer may have. Many of today's major marketing funnels used online will suggest products that previous customers have also bought.

MIS - Make It Specific:

Products created for a sales funnel should be consistently relevant to one another. Depending on your niche create solution based products that tell a story. The structure of a marketing funnel consists of an entry-level product followed by higher price product or service. The customers experience during the sales funnel process will increase as the customer is presented with more relevant products before they finally check out. The congruence of product development is of the utmost importance for great sales funnel success.

SBP - Solution Based Product:

Creating solution based products and services for a marketing sales funnel are vital for its success. The best advice to receive when creating solution based products is to create products or offer services that you know how to do well. Copycat product creation without testing or results and relying on the social status of others is setting your marketing funnel up for a short life span. Due to online business having a bad reputation in certain niches customers are looking for integrity without the hype. They simply want to know can they trust you, will it work for them and is it easy to use.

UPR - Unique Product Result:

Products are purchased for the simple reason of the need to achieve a desirable result. As a business owner you want people to use your products to help them achieve results in an ethical way. The unique product result for each product in a marketing sales funnel should be unique from the previous product that the customer has seen previously. For online businesses two areas of great interest is web traffic and lead generation. Before money is spent on both it is crucial you have proof and results of your product benefiting others through trials and testing.


Market research online is essential before starting to create digital products. Why are there so many courses on SEO, product creation, video marketing, article marketing, web traffic and much more? In my own opinion the answer to this is people do not have a specific strategy in place with what they want to achieve. Setting goals is an overused cliche online, be very specific on the business you want to create, the clients you want to work with and the monetary exchange for your products and services. With these in mind focus on selling one product or service first and achieving results before creating anything else.

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