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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Identify Types of Blog Before You Start Blogging

Blogging is so media communication, marketing, publishing and networking. You can write about anything, selling just about anything, with a free Blogger account though. Do not need big capital you can do business online with a lot of ways. Or also the mere whim to share info without regard to the business side.

Blogging is changing the meaning of an online becomes a media diari. Then flock of people suddenly blogger (not suddenly dangdut). With all the intention and desire of any blog and then have a different concept.
If you know the concept of blog then you will be more focused on your goal of blogging. What are the types of blogs?
Here's some kind of blog that I know of to this second:

# 1 Corporate Blogs

Any company or corporate blog needs to be a media marketing and communications to customers. This type of blog is usually contains organizational information, strategies, an official from a corporate profile.

# 2 Blog Niche Market (Niche Blog)

This type of blog in the United Kingdom called the Niche blogs. This Blog contains content that is specific, for example, about tehno, celebrities, sports, the world of blogging, etc.

# 3 Personal Blog

This type of Blog is a lot of selected the bloggers around the world. Content includes articles with inner experiences and opinions of the writer/blogger. The selected language was a language lighter or everyday. Personal touch is felt in this blog.

# 4 Blog Forum

The accommodating blogger forum Blog to discuss various topics. Blog forum built to share, discuss and exchange info. It could be the place to ask and answer questions.

# 5 Blog Review

Blog this one contains articles that viewing such products, gadgets, websites, software and so on. Readers can read and commented on the article. Blog owners can make money from the review.

This type of blog above you can choose according to your interests.

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