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Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Can Be Done A Blogger With A 1-3 Hours A Day

A blogger has his own work schedule. You are the boss for yourself. There is no boss, hours of absences and monthly salary. You set the system's own work every day. What can you do with 1-3 hours a day, but effective in order to achieve success with your blog?

Writing Content

Write the post in your blog is the most important part of the job as a blogger.

Experiments in the blog

You tried to tinkering with the design or layout, install or uninstall the plugin, and so on. You should do this every day.

Responding to comments

Every comment you must be a response or for example to answer it. The impact of this will strengthen networking and building relationships with bloggers or readers.

Read other blogs

Visit other blogs that one niche market (niche) with your blog. See what they have written or yet they wrote. You will be clever or you get the idea of a new post.

Comment on other blogs

Benefits to you:

1) can the traffic to your blog.
2) can comment replies in your blog.
3) building relationships with other bloggers.


You associate with a network of friendship on twitter. Twitter does not need much. With one or two tweets from your blog post links, you can generate traffic.

Read The News

I read the news at any time because nobody wants to miss the latest information. With a lot of reading news, you get new insights or new ideas.

Design Products

If you are including blogger experience, you have to make its own products and sell them through blogs. The product here is the eBook.
You can get started with distributed free to the loyal readers of your blog. Then, if it's about time, you can sell it to your readers.

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