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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Some Error That Beginner Bloggers Should Be Avoided

Every blogger fails for sure doing a lot of failures and errors. So even with successful bloggers, definitely having a lot of mistakes in the past. But with the mistakes that a blogger has grown into a mature and understand the right way.

Because the blogger is a human being, then that error was human. No need to grieve, but arise quickly, fix and go!

The following is a list of errors that I or you may do in the past or the present:

1. Use Free Domain

This is my first mistake led to a career as a blogger. I am indeed using blogspot. If to learn blogging, no problem, but after that you should buy a domain.

Free Blog by readers or disepelekan tend to other bloggers. You look amateurish and not capitalized. Sometimes you suspected. Suppose you have a blog with the addressed domain .TK,., then the page you are suspected of being spammers, viruses and so on. In fact, that .TK domain is never had a bad record in the past.

2. Use Free Hosting

Usually this is a package with the points 1. Moreover, I was initially using blogspot. An awful lot of free hosting service like blogspot, wordpress and more. The disadvantage is that you ride, then your page loading looks slow and constrained by the rules of the owner of the hosting. Suppose you have a blog with free hosting on wordpress, then you can't use the plugin or script.

3. Use a Free Theme

This is a mistake many bloggers do, including me when beginners. Free WordPress Theme is free and available to use. But it turns out many of its weaknesses, such as the layout are not professional, SEO, and too many other bloggers.

Premium WordPress Theme is indeed different. The price premium theme is not cheap, it's no wonder that the constraint becomes bloggers who depart from capital dengkul.

4. Either Select a Topic

Historically I've killed 3 blogs with reason failed to choose a topic or content. Fortunately, the three blog using free domain and hosting to not too sad. Why is wrong? Because I chose the topic news Indonesia, content and topics that do not comply with the content to a blog, in other words it can almost be said to be a commercial website. He also stressed thinking blog-blog it because it's already spent several months to complete content-the content.

5. Don't Update Routine

I think with the blog for what it is I can attract much traffic or visitors. I was wrong. The Blog is updated not lose traffic. Not even a little bit of visitors loyal from the bookmark or subscribe to the newsletter. You don't get no updates, because that would affect the visit and the credibility of the readers against you. Be productive.

6. Don't Understand SEO

In blogging, I write every time with a variety of articles. I do not concern title, content and so on. Whereas in those parts of the content should be included which serves to strengthen the position of the SEO in search engines. No wonder if at the time it used to be, my blog's blog particularly hard to get visitors.

7. Don't Care About Google

This is a fatal error that I do. I do not know Google. For me Google is more than just a search engine, or email services. But it turns out that Google was very important for a blogger because a lot of work equipment provided by Google.

8. Do Not Use The Net Social

Somehow I do not care about Facebook, Twitter, Stumble, etc. For me, it's just a waste of time. Now, I realize that the net social is important in building an online business network.

9. Do Not Join The Affiliate Program

I did not join the affiliate program. Whereas affiliate is one of the best bloggers around the world to make money. Finally, I am aware of and immediately following the two affiliate programs which I think is good, but ... has not yet realized, I hope my readers don't follow the latter, hehehee..

Please give suggestions if there is information at the top of a less pleasing in the hearts of readers. Much needed advice and criticism.

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