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Sunday, August 7, 2011

How Do We Choose A Web Designer or Web Developer Who Trusted ?

Currently the website is one important component that must be owned by each company if the company wanted to be able to compete with its rivals. It is therefore absolutely necessary to have a website. But what happens if you can not make your own website? Surely website creation service is an alternative choice for those who want to have a website.

Now more and more services website creation whether it be corporate or individual. More and more companies / people who opened the service so the more options to determine which services best website creation and the most good.

Here are some tips for you in selecting the services of website construction so you do not get stuck at the time of manufacture as well as your website is online:

  • Permanent address with telephone number is not wired boarding-lodging address or the address is not clear. The experience of some people, having completed a web developer is very difficult to contact due to moving and so on. Automatically it will be difficult in case of interruption or update request, etc..
  • Do not just be tempted by cheap prices or super cheap, like we know a cheap price usually provides service perfunctory. Select Services Website Creation prices reasonable / standard.
  • Make sure your web developer providing website management training and support system are obvious. Support systems can be made directly come to your place online or via sms / chat or other online facility. Make sure you get a tutorial / guide management in the form of a book or ebook website.
  • Make sure you get clear information about what facilities are to be presented in the website.
  • Make sure they have a lot of portfolio / client, it would be more convincing because if they have a lot of clients it means the service they offer is believed by some people.
  • Be careful if there is a web designer / developer claims to have hundreds / thousands of clients but the web address is hidden. And the more the better known websites, that IS what made the website? (Though sometimes there are certain web applications that should not be published to the public). By mentioning the web address of the client, it means that we can see the results of work of web designers / developer it.
  • You may contact one or several clients in their portfolio, just to convince you how exactly the service they've done, whether good or not.
  • Make sure what services they provide to you, if necessary, make an agreement / contract that binds both parties.
  • Ask whether the design will be owned by you or still belongs to them, because the design template can be used repeatedly. And the design is also the company's image.
  • Ask, too, whether or not CMS based websites, if so whether the open source CMS or homemade, if open source CMS, ask whether it will be updated regularly or not. CMS open source as its name has an open code that everyone can have it easily, if not updated, then worry about the security of the website to be vulnerable (Vulnerability Code). If CMS homemade, ask if there are improvements on a regular basis or not, whether the source code belongs to a client or not. If it is not based CMS then you will be trouble if the content the website will be revised or supplemented.
  • Ask if the cost of website creation is included for maintenance or any other additional costs, because this is very important if you will frequently perform updates / revisions.
  • Recommendations are usually the best friend. If you can recommendations from your friends, it looks like it's the best, because your friends have been using their service and definitely satisfied with the performance of the recommended web developer.

The tips above are just a few that you can consider in choosing a website creation service. Do not let you be tempted because of cheapness but choose the services of website creation is reasonable and comparable to what was presented in your website. Do you regret in the morning, because your website is an investment in your future.

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