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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Become A Professional

The idea of becoming a professional blogger is extremely appealing to many individuals. It means a welcomed departure from the daily grind of the “9 to 5” work world. Blogging also provides people with a creative outlet to write about the topics they’re passionate about.
But blogging is also hard work that requires specific skills before many can achieve success. Here are some important factors to take into serious consideration before you dive into the world of professional blogging.


For a successful blog, you’ll need to identify the topics you’re most passionate about and want to share through your writing. These topics must be ones that you can write about weekly, sometimes even daily. If your passion starts to falter, it will come through in the quality of the posts. So be sure the topics you choose are ones that you’ll want to write about in a long-term capacity.


To make sizable income, you will probably need to have several blogs that you are operating at any given time. Do you have the time in your schedule to keep three, four or even more blogs up to date?


As the owner of your blogs, there will be days that you will work around the clock to ensure that the work is done. Think about your other current commitments, whether they’re other jobs, family, friends, hobbies or organizations in which you have membership. Are you willing to make sacrifices in these areas when necessary to ensure your blogs are up-to-date and properly marketed?

Desire to Learn

When you’re a professional blogger, you’re a perpetual student. Web technologies are constantly changing, and you’re going to need to be able to keep up with these changes to ensure your blog is cutting edge, featuring the best and newest capabilities.
You’ll also need to constantly research your blog topics so you can provide your readers with the latest information and trends.

Captivating Writing

Blogs require more than great technical writing skills. They also require the ability to infuse personality into your posts. There are literally thousands of blogs to choose from and readers will quickly stray if your posts aren’t written in a fashion that holds their attention.

Ability to Handle Criticism

When you blog, you’re publishing your personal opinions for all to read. It will be impossible to win every reader over, so there are very high chances that you will receive some critical responses to your posts.
If you’re serious about professional blogging, you’ll have to have a thick skin and now how to respond to criticism without offending and losing readers.

Revenue Sources

Before you quite your day job, you’re going to want to have a solid revenue plan in place. This will likely require advertising in your blog.
Or, you can also become a professional blogger by contracting your writing ability out to companies who have blogs they want maintained. If you choose this route, you’ll need to be willing to alter your tone according to their branding standards.


So you have a fabulous topic that you’re passionate about and you’ve fine-tuned your voice. Now you have to get readers to your blog. This is where marketing knowledge and a solid strategy will come into play. Before you dive into blogging, you’ll want to do your research and learn how to attract and retain readers.

So, how do you think the consequences of the above, if still something is missing, please give advice. Criticism and suggestions are very valuable to me.

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