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Monday, August 1, 2011

How To Start A First Blog

Start a blog that is very easy and you can use without capital via Blogger, WordPress, Multiply and so on. You can choose one of the blog platform that I mentioned earlier with the cost of free.

Usually, after the newbie blog stand, aka newbies are confused what the next step. What is the next step? They perplexity is looking for a guide. But, with my blogging mistakes you did on the first blog could be the best teacher.

Once, create a special friend of blogger beginner, some tips for you to do with your first blog:

Original Content

Original content is the first and very important when you start blogging. Do not copy paste or menciru from other people's content. I'll also post you're still a little bit, but it's better than to look a lot but the result of stealing. Google will not like duplicate content, let alone humans.

Operating frequency of your blog for a stable phase. If a single post in one day, then in a week you get 7 post and your writing is genuine. Readers like the blogs that are always updated. Google also likes to meranking your blog on an ongoing basis.

Designing Backlinks

More backlinks or backlinks to your blog will generate a lot of traffic or visits. There are many ways for backlinks, for example by commenting on popular blogs or high rank or put articles to blog directories such as and the forums according your blog content.

Pinging Blog

About pinging still considered one eye by the novice bloggers. Even the medium level. When ping was an important part in the process of blogging.
Read how do I use the pinging.

After you write the post, the next task is to inform the search engines that you just write a new article. The trick is to pinging. By default, WordPress automatically pinging blog. There is also a pinging by manual use of the site such as:

Do you know of the process of pinging, you could invite a lot of visitors from the four winds.


Interact with other bloggers will helps to introduce a new blog and the first to other bloggers. You can do by way of commenting or using chat. This way you also are discussing and exchanging knowledge or ideas. The interaction will foster networking and creating blogs never dry from visits to other bloggers.

Simple and easy Tips you can do this as a guide in the process of starting your blog. Don't be surprised if you see the results are amazing.

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