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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Reason Why Many Bloggers Fail

Here are successful bloggers, there are bloggers who fails. Even in the middle of the road, before it was really struggling until the final point of sweat. Why it could be so easy broken in the middle of the road?

Many bloggers give up too soon

When people first start blogging, that is in their minds is how to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars, or millions of rupiah. Ah, what online job enaknya with money flowing no-stop!

They were busy checking on your adsense account every minute. No one cent dollar ever! While they never update the content. They think with a few posts and put the adsense, then any dollar charge account. They prefer busy thinking about money than how to build value or raising traffic blog.

After a few months, they were desperate. The Blog does not make one dollar one. 6 months later her blog was be abandoned, as the shop no longer guarded its owner. Where do the bloggers?

Well, the white flag was flying it. The blogger also has unconditional surrender. When the war is over yet. The fighters have left the battlefield. Such situations often experienced the bloggers that spirit at the beginning of the end of a lackluster.

I've almost felt the circumstances above. But I say to myself, "I don't give up!"
Many bloggers are too lazy

Lazy is a disease that often comes to ambush blogger, especially beginners. Earlier they diligently update post, comment or networking. But over time, it works with slowly eroded. Initially only 1 post in the week to end remaining 1 post in one month. When asked the reason they are no longer productive, they're ready with 1001 reasons. One of these, the most famous, no time. They are too busy until no remaining one hour any longer for blogging.

Stop making excuses is Solution no time!

Many Bloggers Want Fast Results

Blogging is not like pesugihan or pig ngepet. You can't be successful in one night. If pigs could unexpectedly rich ngepet possible in one night.

No one can predict how teacher blogger long process of a bloggers become successful. There is a one-year, three, five, even more. You have to stay patient and keep the spirit of blogging work and study.

There is no instant process in blogging. Your results should be achieved through the process of work sweating and berurai tears.

Then the patient!

Many bloggers don't have a strategy

Like mushrooms in the rainy season, blogs popping up here and there. They work with all content. Posts per day. Blogwalking at any time. Selling affiliate products and hope I filled every day in rupiah currency and the dollar.

Blogging requires strategies: short and long.

You can learn strategies of motivational speaker, teacher and blogger marketer success. You follow their ways. But it is noteworthy, not all of the strategy is suitable for you. You must have the feel of a strategy of its own. Can combine your strategy and others.
And so, make Improvisation and Srategy !

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