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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Right Approach for Internet Marketing : The Importance of Using Social Media

I would like to invite you to read this article to gain insight into how beneficial social media is in enhancing your business and brand. However let us dig deeper into social media and find out how others are doing it the wrong way.

YouTube and Face book, two of the most prominent social media networks, are where entrepreneurs and consumers meet. However some business owners use them incorrectly by pitching consumers right away with a business opportunity.

Sounds familiar?

Most people try to promote their opportunity immediately. However this will not help your business at all. Social media is just that – social. It is a place to build relationships and trust. Not a sales or advertising platform.

Stop to consider how great it would be if you could sign up all the people from your Face book’s list of friends, into your business opportunity. How much money would that bring in to your business, in terms of profits?

How would that affect the lives of people on your friend’s list—their lives and their family’s?

To do this you have to offer great content to elevate your business status, and have the opportunity to also help people improve their lives through your business opportunity. You trust your opportunity and you are aware of how it can improve the lives of people who sign up – but remember others don’t. Therefore, getting this message across through your friend’s influence, and getting their response is the big challenge.

Social media is a powerful tool but must be used advantageously to ensure your success in online marketing.

Everyone is aware that no one likes to be asked for payment so why should using social media be any different? Most people see their social media circle of friends as a potential audience. In short, they use them to promote their products or services, as a means of advertising – this is setting yourself up to fail. Friends will unlike your page or desert your Utube channel faster than you can post your updates.

Here is the secret…

Social media websites are venue to upload your content, relate with interested people, with similar thinking, and add value.

So why isn’t everyone doing this?

They are not seeing this big opportunity or the art of psychology and science in the advent of marketing. Social media sites are mainly your tool to gain access to huge numbers of people so you can help them, and not overwhelm their inbox with spam and offers.

Social media sites are venues for you to introduce guidance, help and training in your area of expertise to your circle of influence. You must present value, whatever that is, and teach what you have discovered as you discover it.

You might educate them on article writing, or how to correctly market using videos in fact anything which is within your area of expertise. Social media is a location where you present your content to a huge circle or interested people. You must instil value in order to be considered as a guru on a specific subject.

Offering valuable content will have a chain effect. The individuals who like your helpful information will suggest it to their own circle, and link them. This will invite more visitors, thus, establishing your business, and you, as a guru.

Teach your circle about strategies and skills you have learned and used yourself, but just make certain it is useful for them or something they need.

There are a variety of skilled marketers out there and thousands are participating daily. You have to develop your own brand too enable you to stand out from the crowd. The secret is to teach them and allow them to view that you offer genuine value and that you are offering to help them become successful in their business. Only then will you have their trust and the opportunity to present your business idea to them as a means of helping them achieve their own goals.

By using this method you will be able to create a large friend following in a short period of time.

This is the ideology behind utilizing social media as a means of marketing.

Let me show you how simple it is.

Do not junk your list to enhance your business and yourself. Aid your list with your valuable content, give value and your business will grow hand in hand.

You have just leaned what almost 97% of business entrepreneurs haven’t realized yet. You are on your way as one of the 3% of flourishing small enterprises or home based businesses in the market.

Utilize this social media technique as the right method to use and maximize your business brand potential and yourself.

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