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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tips for Internet Marketing : 5 Things Should Know About Advertising

Network marketing has come of age. One of the pitfalls of not getting the best network marketing online training is you may end up confusing marketing with advertising and vice-versa. However, these are two different concepts. For you to effectively promote or sell a product and service, you should have a good understanding of both. This article lists what you should know about advertising in relation to marketing.

1.   Advertising Is Not Marketing

Advertising is just a part of marketing. An analogy of this is to think of advertising as a slice of a bigger cake which is marketing. Marketing involves all stages of conceptualizing a brand from conducting the initial research, design, advertising, to completion of the sale. While marketing is a marathon of various processes, advertising is merely promoting a product and service through a message that is transmitted across different media.

2.   Advertising Is Important

Through advertising, people will know about your product or service. You can reach your potential customers, whoever and wherever they are by placing your ads or messages on various media like television, snail mail, newspapers, websites, emails, radio, magazines, SMS messaging, fliers, billboards, and so forth. Currently, television has the widest reach. But with the number of Internet users increasing everyday, Internet is seen to overtake TV in the future.

3.   Advertising Is the Most Expensive Part of Marketing

Advertising is the most costly component as it entails planning what kind of ads you’ll use, where to place it, when and how many times will it appear as well as developing strategies to target your specific market.

4.   Advertising Should Work Collectively with The Other Parts of Marketing

Marketing is the bridge that connects the company to consumers. Its other elements include product research, designing, pricing, and sales. It also encompasses media planning, customer satisfaction, customer support, and others. To have a successful marketing campaign, advertising should work well on its own but also alongside the other mentioned components. This way, the company’s larger goals like selling a brand or creating a good reputation in the market can be achieved.

It’s crucial therefore to understand how the other aspects of marketing operate. Product research for instance requires the longest period since it necessitates gathering and analyzing data on how people behave toward the product. This can take hours or even days. Like developing advertising, designing a product also demands a lot of time. Releasing advertisements and selling are the only ones that can be executed in lesser time.

5.   Big Advertising Campaigns are Really Just for The Big Guns

One major mistake of marketers handling small to medium enterprises is that they try to duplicate the advertising strategies of large companies. But this won’t work, not only because of the cost (which small businesses can’t afford) but also because a company should establish its reputation first. For example, a lot of business owners are so finicky with their logo designs believing that a nice easy-to-recall logo on their ads will convince consumers to buy their products. This is not true. Logos work only because of a company’s reputation. A logo represents the values of the company which are the reasons people patronize them in the first place.

Instead of allocating a huge chunk of your budget in branding your product, you should channel that money into educating your customers about what you can offer. You should let them know that you can provide real solutions, meet their expectations and you’re the best in what you do. And then induce them to act on that message. It’s only by being smart and aggressive in your marketing that you’ll grow your business. After you’ve proven that you’re reliable and have expanded your business, then that’s the only time you can effectively use the large more costly advertisements.

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