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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SEO Ranking Was Dropped

If you monitor your search engine ranking position on a regular basis, which I highly suggest you do in order to stay competitive with websites position, you may notice from time to time it seems to slip off the first page and drop several places or even worse several pages. This type of movement is normal, and while I wouldn’t call it predictable, there are a few things that can precipitate this type of activity.
I know for many reading this, you might not be entirely sure of why you lost position with your favorite search engine of choice, so I figured I’d list out a few reasons our website might be affected.

Possibility 1

The first one is the reason I personally dropped is due to the fact that I redid my website, moving from one design to another. I not only changed the theme and framework of my site, but moved things around as well, adding and subtracting content to suit the new look.

Now before going into the switch I was dreading the drop I’d experience because I recently watched one of my competitors drop several pages down due to a front page redesign, and was thinking I’d get the same treatment. I was lucky to only move a few spots.

I will spend time in this lower position until Google can adjust to the changes, basically they want to ensure than my website is still relative for that particular keyword and others, and since content changed they need to reevaluate it. This can take a week, or it can take a month depending on just how busy Google is, and how often they visit your website. If you post daily, it is likely they will adjust much quicker than if you update weekly.

Possibility 2

The second thing to look at is are any of the competing pages that were previously running behind you in the search engine optimization race moving up and overtaking you? I highly recommend keeping a chart positioning each of your competitors to know just who is moving where, and how fast. If someone is moving up the ranks quickly, you might just want to check to see where they are getting their backlinks from, in case there is an opportunity for you there to also grab some!

Possibility 3

Just like most things in life, websites can “break”, and you need to keep an eye on what you have running under the hood. If you think of a drop in traffic or SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Position) as the warning light on your car telling you that something is very wrong, you’ll have a better idea of the seriousness of the situation. It could just be your site has a broken or non-functioning plugin, or the permalink structure is out of sync somehow. A good place to find out if you have errors is in the Google Webmaster Tools center, where you can quickly see if you’ve started seeing broken links, a drop in backlinks, or perhaps the sitemap that is being submitted is broken. (happens to my site regularly for some reason) Knowing just where the problem lies, is half the battle.

Possibility 4

Google is continually improving its algorithm, and as such the search results that you see are continually changing. They are also coming out with new technologies, like instant search, caffeine, or that little star you see beside your search results that happens to be sites you have bookmarked or favorite, and will get preference to sites that actually occupy that position. Major algorithm changes happen rarely, but smaller changes that affect a smaller number of people happen quite often, and on a continuing basis.

Possibility 5

Google is keeping an eye on you, your site, and your backlinks, and if they feel you are doing something black hat, or unethical they will also penalize you. Often website owners who mass spam their links across the internet building up thousands of links in just a few short weeks will get their site taken out of the Google index all together! In some cases even linking to a bad neighbor can result in a penalty, which is why It’s important to link to quality sites vs. the other kind!

Possibility 6

Geographic location affects search engine ranking positions as well, so that if you do a search from home, and you see your site listed as number 5, but then you drive to your cottage an hour away (you do have a cottage right? If not, just pretend) and notice that you have either slipped to 9, or perhaps improved to 3. The reason for this is Google shows results based on our location. This is relatively new technology for them.

It’s important to remember that Google doesn’t care what position your website holds for your favorite keywords, what it cares about is that it is showing the most relevant results for each individual searcher. Search results are being tailored to the user in the hopes of making the search experience as efficient as possible. If your website ranks for the keyword “sexy woman” because you are an SEO master, yet every time Google sends visitors who type that in, they only leave after a few seconds, Google will stop sending you traffic for that keyword.
And then, we die..hihii

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2 Comment:

Ever heard of Google Panda aka Pandalization? it is a new algorithm that google launches a few weeks ago that does a new way of ranking pages. Many blogs has been affected of this (I'm speaking from experience).

My advice is for you to check this panda algo and try to go with it. :)

thank you aj banda, i appreciate that, i'll try to go with it..

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