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Monday, September 26, 2011

Control Your Stress Levels When Blogging

As a blogger it is important to find ways of relieving stress since much time is spent in front of the computer. Building a blog is an ongoing process that requires a lot of your time and research for creating content with which to update your site. This process contains many variables that contribute to your stress level and if not managed properly can have a negative impact on both your productivity and health!

Here are 3 simple suggestions to help you control your stress levels when blogging to keep you productive and healthy.

1.  Work in Spurts

Work in 'time segments' that allow you to take breaks and remember to do so. If you can create a work environment that allows you to stand and your are physically able to do so it will allow for better circulation. In addition this is generally better for your back as well as your stress while it has also been reported you can think more clearly due to the increased circulation.

2.  Plan Your Work

And of course work your plan but you probably already knew I was going to say that! By doing so you know what you want to do once you touch the keyboard. This cuts down on both your time in front of the computer and your stress. It can get mighty frustrating when you are not making progress or trying to figure out what to do next which of course is the result of not planning ahead. Think about this for a moment, is there really any reason to plant yourself in front of your computer until you know what it is you need to accomplish?

3.  Unplug

Whenever you can do any work such as creating content or planning your post schedule without the computer do so. The change of venue will give you a new perspective while also allowing you to escape the stressful effects of reading off a computer screen. This strains the eyes which promotes tension, headaches and of course contributes to your stress. You'll be surprised how reinvigorated you feel when you do 'plug' back in.

When blogging, if it's something you do a lot of, it is very important to find ways of relieving stress. Building a blog is something that requires a constant effort and a lot of time for creating content you can use to update your platform. 
Many hours can easily slip by as you sit in front of your computer all the while your stress levels are increasing for various reasons. The worst part is in many cases you are not even aware your stress is building which is why they call it the silent killer. The 3 suggestions offered above serve to help you better manage the stressful effects of blogging but it is ultimately up to you to take the necessary measures to do so.

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