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Friday, September 2, 2011

Ethics for Blogging

In the virtual world, some call mayantara (in Indonesia), particularly in the realm of the blogosphere, everyone is as free to write whatever he wants. Space in cyberspace is limitless, you can go anywhere, from the south pole to north pole.
You also can contract the disease Amnesia, to borrow a lyric tooth, early recurrent penitential evening, morning pious open news sites, his evening browsing porn sites.
Pouring any thoughts on the blog as if it was free, you are free to just curse or say anything dirty in your blog. But we need to realize again that our freedom is also limited by the privacy of others.
Before you write need to think of it, about what impact the article that you create for others.

Writing on the blog already should be given guidelines or ethics, ethics could be an agreement between the bloggers archipelago.
In the international world of its own, since 2003 until now, has still not reached an agreement on what is included ethics in writing a blog, because the realm of ethics is closely related to and overlaps with the realm of moral law. Therefore, I prefer to invite the bloggers to agree on what should we make in ethics rules in expressing our freedom of speech and thought through online media.

Here there are 12 Point Agreement Writing Ethics Blog which I think is a good thing to do:

  1. Respect and uphold the protection of intellectual property rights by avoiding plagiarism, piracy, and always include the source each time citing the work of others.

   2. Not to discredit the other party and has always been committed to writing in proportion.

   3. Does not display text or images that contain elements of pornography.

   4. Always share your knowledge and kindness through their respective blogs.

  5. Not prejudiced and just write based on facts which are believed to be proved and continue to uphold the ethics of civility in writing.

  6. No spamming via the comments field.

  7. While maintaining civility and mutual respect in providing comments on blogs you visit.

  8. Not to hack the website or other blogs.

  9. Does not display text or images that contain elements like ethnicity, religion, and race.

10. Using language both in writing.

11. Uphold freedom of expression in writing but does not violate the rights of others.

12. Willing to rectify the information that has been written in the blog in the future if there are errors in the post on blogs.

Hopefully you can all be bloggers who are ethical and uphold the rights to freedom of expression.

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