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Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Makes A Good Web Page

Display or Functionality

There are basically two schools of thought about what makes a web page to be good. Some web designers believe that good web page is all about appearance, visual presentations, new technology or trend imaging and graphics. Other web designers believe what makes a good web page is usability, which focuses on the functionality, effectiveness and efficiency.

"Appearance" of your web designer will be stuck on the visual and forget about the user or the purpose of the website and the "Purpose" on web designers sometimes forget about the visual appeal.

What makes a good web page should be a balance between performance and usability.

I tend to lean more towards the usefulness of the display in my web design and evaluasi.Hal is simply because the website with good usability and mediocre performance will almost always outperform a website with good appearance and usability mediocre. Or in other words if you are a website owner is faced with the choice to have a web site that works well but does not look so good or a website that looks good but is not working well, what would you choose? Well, I hope you'll say a website that works well but does not look so good.

The reason I say it is because, what's the point of having something that looks great, but useless. By useless, I mean do not serve any purpose other than to look good. If visitors can not use the website and did not meet the purpose of the site owner to make money, then the website in my opinion should have a purpose.

A web page instead of the artwork - something beautiful or thought provoking for the sake of it, but rather a form of communication for the purpose

What makes a good web page it should be a page that is acceptable to the eye, but to serve visitors in terms of usability and serve site owners in terms of satisfying the goal.

Websites like Amazon may not win design awards for their visual appearance, but they will win awards for usability and serve the business purpose of the website. If a web page needs to look great for showing the work of graphic designer and part of that goal is to look good.

But most Web pages do not need to win the award for visual design. So unless your web pages aim is to impress visitors with visual design, I recommend a good web page need to focus on usability with the goal, which is to be functional, efficient and effective in producing results.[Tony Simpson]

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