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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Importance of 'About Us' for The Appearance of Our Blog or Website

An important section of a professional blog or website is the "About Us" page. It is on this page that the visitor gets a chance to meet the owner, proprietor or author of the website and form early opinions about the purpose of the site while deciding whether to delve deeper into the content of the site. A professional blog or website by definition promotes it's owner or company by building an image of the entity. When the intent of the blog is to promote the company image, some feel that an "About Us" page is the proper place to introduce the overall purpose of the company.

In trying to make a lasting impression on the visitor to a professional site, often more attention is paid to the "look" of the site rather than the content of the site's pages. In the end, however, content is what causes the reader to decide whether to explore the site's pages or move on. No pretty picture or beautiful layout is a substitute for specific content that communicates the purpose, direction and ultimate intent of the information provider when it comes to a blog, especially a professional blog. On the "About Us" page, the blog or website provider has an opportunity to quickly lay out the character of the provider as well as the original purpose of the site. Also whatever the provider hopes visitors will get out of the site can be stated on this page.

A blog or website owner does not have to use an extensive vocabulary or talk down to visitors. Indeed, the plainer the language used, the more of a chance the website has of making a lasting first impression on visitors to the site. In the "About Us" page, topics such as why the site was produced, what is the commercial interest in the topic of the site, if any, whether the site is a long or short-term project and encouragement to come and visit again for updates are common are often covered. Additionally, a simple call to action to review one particular area of the site which represents the main purpose or the main message of the site may also be included. The "About Us" pages represents a chance to give a resourceful site owner the opportunity present themselves in a good light while once again promoting the call or purpose.

Finally, in writing a good "About Us" and following the advice in previous paragraphs, the site owner should try to keep the page brief. Any impression that the visitor will receive from the "About Us" page has only a few seconds to capture the attention of the visitor, therefore a "catchy" phrase possibly expressing a site motto, embedded in the first paragraph and along with information on the creator and a call to action to wrap up the presentation should give the blog or website a good start.

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