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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Skill That Must be Owned by a Blogger

If you want to become a professional blogger and want to plunge into blogger hunter dollars, you must have the skill. Not only working in a company must have a skill but being a professional blogger must also have the skill. The difference is to get the skill you do not have high school or becoming a Master's degree even to learn that skill.
What are the skills that must be owned by a blogger?
Well, this time I want to share about what skills should be owned by a blogger. There are 5 skill I want to say is;

1. Write

Writing skills are an absolute must you have as a blogger. To hone your writing skills certainly need a writing exercise. In the beginning was difficult, therefore, need to get used to eventually advanced by itself. Similarly, when I started this blog where my writing ability is not perfect (until now) but I continue to hone your continued writing this blog. In writing an article on your blog, try writing style you like when you're talking to your readers. This will facilitate you to communicate information to visitors of your blog.

2. Hobby / Interests

Hobby or interest about the themes you discuss in the blog is also very important because if you already do not have interest on what you want to write it will be difficult to get an idea. As I've mentioned in previous posts that before you start blogging you must have an interest in the theme of the blog that you would write. Given these interests will be easier for you to ideas you have into writing on your blog.

3. Time Management

Most bloggers today are part-time blogger. Maybe you have a full job or you are a student who started blogging. Having skills in managing time is critical. Your time is not much, you probably only have time in the morning until late afternoon, therefore you must manage your time as much as possible. Start making your blogging time schedule so that your main job or activity is not disrupted.

4. Knowledge About Your Blog Theme

Having knowledge about what you discuss in your blog is very necessary. People will have a reason to come to your blog because they know that you are knowledgeable about what you are discussing. That's the reason they visit your blog. They come to visit your blog and wanted to learn something from the writing that you say in your blog. Why would they visit your blog if you do not have knowledge about the subject you discuss.

5. Basic Knowledge of HTML

Basic knowledge of HTML is also one of the skill that must be owned by a blogger as HTML so is important when you cultivate your blog which consists of the HTML language. To learn HTML you do not need to know in detail about what is HTML, but you only need to know basic HTML. To learn HTML you can search on Google or come to the book stores that sell many books on HTML.
I think it is quite five skills that you must have first to become a successful blogger, although there is still some skill that is also important as SEO, Social Marketing and others. But the 5 skills that I have discussed this enough for you to plunge into part-time blogger.

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