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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why Blogging is So Fantastic ?

There are many reasons that underlie a person to start reaching the world of blogging. The reason may be simple initially, but over time, began to feel there is "something" behind the power of blogging - at least that's what I feel personally.
At some point, I felt blogging was fantastic.

The reasons behind this formulation may not always be the same: everyone will have a reason which may be different from the others.

Matt Jones of BloggingFingers write down at least seven reasons why blogging is a fantastic activity. Some of them tend to be philosophical, but also good for reflection.

1. Blogging to keep your brain sharp.
Blogging using so many different skills that make your brain still works. All the reading and the creativity involved in marketing and writing on blogs, bloggers have egos the brain showed a sharper than the average person.

2. When blogging is now alone and there are times when solitude is good for you. 
Saving a few journals are often recommended by the psychotherapist because it is the treatment of activity where you have the time to remember who you are and not think too much about what's happening in the outside world. This is why this activity is called a hobby or job that healthy.

3. The uniqueness of blogging for a living.
Uniquely, blogging is not something that made ​​people I know personally and have become part of my identity.

4. The idea to live with not being an employee or a boss is very interesting.

5. Blogging produce something tangible that you can be proud of.
School has never done that. Nothing special in terms of getting "an A". Many others who can do it. A great blog is unique, will be more special than the value of a given person on a piece of paper.

6. Blogging is a gateway to the best profession - entrepreneurship.
Is there anything better than starting something from scratch words and turn it into a moneymaker?

7. Blogging gives you a dream.
The Internet can make anyone "make something big", which is a strong motivator for innovation.

According to your own how? What makes blogging seem interesting and fantastic?

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