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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Using An Autoresponder Helps Keep You In Contact

In business, consistent contact with leads, prospects and customers is a necessity for those who want returning business. In the home business industry it is even more essential as you are dealing with a great amount of competition and an ever growing prospect base.

Autoresponders are a wonderful thing. They give us the opportunity to stay in contact every day even when we might be running errands, working on the next big thing, or just out playing golf. There are a lot of different uses to autoresponders other than that though. Yes, this is the primary reason people use autoresponders, but they can also help you manage the content you are sending out.

Initially, an autoresponder is great when ever someone enters their name and email into your website. It automatically sends them an email created or uploaded by you confirming receipt of their information. You can then send a few, or many email follow-ups giving them tips or insight to what it is you are marketing or selling. The other great thing about it is that once those emails are captured, they are stored and can tell you what buying stage someone might be at with you. You can set up different lists for different pages, and easily track the number of leads received. It will also let you know how many are still subscribed to your mailing list and how many opted out.

Another key factor to them is that you can add a personal touch to the emails with custom signatures giving people the opportunity to contact you if need be. They also let you broadcast messages besides those already going out giving even more of a personal touch to the emails. 
This will let you send your leads and prospects info on new or special offerings that you may be putting out there. The beauty is that you only have to write one email and everyone will receive it. This saves you loads of time that you can put towards growing your business.

Basic business marketing will tell you that it usually takes about 7 touches with a contact or lead before they make a decision to hear more about what you have. It's a numbers game too, and the more time you spend on getting more numbers (prospects and leads) the more successful you will be. What could be better than that?

Having a tool like an autoresponder is a huge help in the management of your business. If you're using one make sure you're using it effectively. The content and information you are sending out will have a huge impact on that final buying decision. 
If you are sending out the information people want, you'll have a much better shot at closing them on what you're offering. Either way, the autoresponder will do most of the work for you after you take the time to set it up saving you countless hours of time while growing your business.

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