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Sunday, October 9, 2011

4 Top Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic With Simple Search Engine Ranking

When you do a key word search in a search engine, do you go deeper than 1, 2, or maybe 3 pages? Most do not. 90% of the millions of daily searches stay in top 3 pages with 90% of all Internet traffic coming from search engines Google, MSN and Yahoo. This is why earning and keeping top ranking in these "big 3" for many wise tourism promoters, is one of their most profitable travel marketing strategies.

The active process of earning and keeping top ranking is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here's some top tools and quick tips to enhance your ranking, or keep your ranking, no matter if you do it yourself or hire a SEO specialist.

What Are the Key Elements to Earn and Keep Top Ranking?

For Google, Yahoo and MSN it is all about your website's "relevancy". The websites that are most relevant to a key word search show up on the first pages. What determines your website relevancy falls into three main categories; your theme as defined by your content, HTML Meta tags and number of quality inbound relevant web links pointed at your website.

1: Website Theme and Focused Content

Here these few website that work with has three separate theme website; Alaska Fishing, Alaska dog sledding and Alaska hunting. This allows his websites to focus in on the top 5 -10 most searched for phrases within each theme and not dilute the "key word density".

2: HTML Meta Tags

HTML Meta tags help the search engine determine what your website is about. Find out your website's Meta tags or your competitors by looking for the "View Source" in your web browser when you have a page open. The most important Meta tags include, your page title, brief description and your key words. Once again, you want these to reflect your website theme and top key word phrases.

3: Inbound Relevant Web Links

Inbound (1-way) links from other relevant websites is very important to increase your ranking. The search engines are more likely to give your website higher ranking if you have more quality inbound links than your competitor because your website is considered more of a "authority site". Link trades are not bad if they are done in modest amounts, but they don't net you a 1-way link.

4: Tools to Earn Top Ranking

SEO is a long-term ongoing project that usually requires specialized tools and help because the Internet is competitive and constantly changing. If you seek out professional help, ask the SEO Company to prove their high ranking results in competitive phrases so you can check out the ranking for yourself.

Here are some tools and software you can use yourself to improve your ranking. For more links, more resources and FREE downloads, go to:

o Web Position Gold: Award winning software to improve website ranking

o Arelis: a software to get high quality incoming links to your website

o Travel Portal Directory: over 185 online directories to post your travel-related website and earn 1-way links to help your search engine ranking. Over 70% cost nothing to link your site.

o blogs allow you to create and post content, create 1-way links to your website for free without a webmaster.

o Travel Article Publishing Directory: Get free publicity, website traffic and help your search engine ranking too. Get your own articles with author resources and links easily published and syndicated worldwide for free.

SEO Return on Investment

Although earning top page ranking can be challenging, but done right, SEO will yield you huge returns on your investment. Someone has to be on page #1, why not you? Having top ranking is like having an annuity that pays you great dividends for years to come.

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