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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stuck for Ideas and Take A Look Around You for Inspiration

Blogs have come along way in the last decade, from websites that were used solely for people to upload their thoughts to the internet to to resources that are being used by businesses all around the world.

While many businesses hire a business blogging agency to carry out all of their blogging needs, some businesses prefer to give blogging a go themselves, either as a continual project or after they've had some initial blogging work carried out by an agency.

One of the problems that many businesses face is a lack of inspiration when it comes to producing content. It's difficult to find members of staff who are interested in blogging and who would produce content or provide ideas on a regular basis and if business blogging is only playing a small part of your overall role, finding the time to come up with ideas for regular posts can be challenging.

It's not impossible, however and the one thing you have to remember is that inspiration can be found all around you, with the following three points providing some food for thought.

1. Your Business
You should never forget the fact that people are naturally interested and intrigued by others and therefore although you shouldn't be constantly talking about your own business in every post, you're likely to find that you get a great reaction every now and again if you provide information on your business, be it your staff or your future aims.

2. The Industry
Just because your business blog has been developed to provide past, present and potential customers with information relating to your business, it doesn't mean that all you should ever talk about is this and as long as your posts are on topic, your readers are very likely to continue to return time and time again.

Therefore, writing about your industry can be a great idea as it has almost limitless possibilities, from what products are new and coming soon to some interesting stories from the industry's past.

3. Customer
When you're stuck for inspiration for your business blog posts, one of the best ways to get ideas is to reach out to your target audience and ask them what they'd like to hear you talk about.

It might be an answer to a question some of your customers have about your products or it could involve you providing information on the history of your company, but irrelevant of what it is, you can guarantee that at least a certain amount of your readers will be particularly interested in the topic.

It can be difficult finding inspiration for your blog posts, which is one of the reasons why many businesses outsource their business blogging. Should you be looking to produce a blog post or two of your own for your business but are struggling for ideas, however, it's more often than not simply a case of looking and what's around you.

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