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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The 5 Defining Traits

So you want to be a successful blogger, and know how to use your blog effectively to market your product, service or opportunity. What's it going to take to get there?

So many bloggers start out, set up their blog, get a basic grounding in SEO or whatever, churn out a few posts and then, the well seems to run dry. They never reach the audience they hoped for, create that life changing additional income stream, or get to share their passion with the folks who are out there hungry and waiting for them.

It's not for lack of skill, or training, some of these people are highly capable (and blogging ain't rocket science) and have access to one or more of the several excellent support and training systems and communities out there designed to help you become the successful blogger you want to be.

While these individuals drop off the edge of the blogosphere and out into hyperspace somewhere, others stick at it (I'm hoping you'll be one), and although it takes effort, and maybe even a few unexpected turns along the way - they sooner or later reach and pass their goals.

Successful blogging at heart is not just about performing a certain set of actions which lead to a certain set of results. Well, it is, but it's not quite as simple as that.

Becoming a Successful Blogger Requires Blogger's Alchemy.

Alchemy is the ancient art/science of transmuting base metals into gold, whether taken literally or as a metaphor for spiritual transformation, the symbolism is powerful and highly relevant to every aspiring entrepreneur and online marketer today.
The key is in understanding that you, the blogger have to change, to grow, to evolve into something beyond what you have been up to this point.

In order to consistently make the best choices, identify and implement the right strategies, and tune into the optimum results from your blogging and marketing, an alchemical process needs to take place.
Fail to undergo this process and successfully live and express the traits below through your blogging, and you can kiss goodbye to those dreams, my friend... (we don't want that now, do we?)

5 Traits of a Successful Blogger

#1 - Humanity

More than ever before our humanity is a crucial pillar of any kind of marketing. The internet has opened the doors for every man, woman and child to build a presence online and blog to their heart's content. But what is it that distinguishes you from the rest of the pack?
Whatever else you may bring to the table, it is your story. Your pain, your joy, your dreams and your unique way of seeing the world.
Every successful blogger and online entrepreneur has shared at least a touch of their journey - this is a key element of attraction marketing. The blog format invites, even requires humanity and human connection to really bring out it's full potential. And everyone has a story.

#2 - Expertise

This one can be tricky, especially for the beginner. After all, "Who am I to claim expertise at anything? I've just started in this game".

The answer is not (as is all too commonly encouraged) 'fake it till you make it'. Claiming to be an internet marketing, SEO, or personal development expert when you're not is a sure way to lose credibility with your readers and target market when they find out that you're not.

There's a couple of obvious paths to take here. Firstly you can leverage the expertise of others - one of the best ways is to interview those who've taken the path you've started upon, another option is to review relevant products and tools to build your credibility within your niche.

Secondly hold true to the maxim that 'education is not and expense' and learn! Become an expert. You'll be surprised how quickly you have a lot to share with those who haven't done any research and study in your field. And as long as you know one thing more than someone else, you have something to teach them.

#3 - Clarity

Not sure what your message is? Don't know who your target market is? Not clear on what your product actually does? Get some clarity now.

Being crystal clear on what it is that you have to offer, what the problem is that your product or service solves, and who has that problem is the basis of your success. Without this foundation in place, you're building in a swamp.
Take time to consider these questions deeply, and boil your answers down further and further to reach the highest level of clarity understanding possible.

#4 - Dedication

Successful Bloggers and entrepreneurs are not dabblers. The people who build lifestyles based on the income from their blogs are all, without fail, the ones who didn't give up.

Dedication to the task at hand, consistency of effort, persistence in the face of challenges, obstacles and difficulties is an essential trait for success in any endeavor, and blogging is no exception.

#5 - Passion

How could a list of traits of the successful blogger be complete without Passion? Passion for writing, sharing, communicating and of course, passion for your niche, whatever it is you're talking about.
The ones who are only in it for the money stand out from a mile away. You might create a living by blogging without passion but would you really want to go to all that effort for something you didn't love?

Passion provides the juice and joy for what you do. Passion will keep you going and drive you to do what needs to be done to succeed, and when you're blogging, writing or speaking with passion, people feel it.
When people feel it, they respond to it - whether it's by communicating back, sharing your posts, buying your product, whatever it may be - passion is infectious is a truly great gift to share with the world, whatever the medium may be.

Set the Intention, Embrace the Change

There you have it. The 5 Defining traits of a Successful Blogger and Entrepreneur. Which ones do you have in abundance? Which areas do you need to work on?

Set the intention to develop all of these traits and continue nurturing them, come what may. Delve deeper into yourself to tap into the hidden resources which are already tuning you into your success. Invest regular time in igniting and refining these 5 qualities and over time, the alchemical transformation will unfold.

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