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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blogging Tips and Tutorials, Are They Worth Searching For?

It's really quite interesting that blogging has become one of the leading topics often talked about in todays' digital era. You may even wonder how this kind of business came about. Why are so many people trying their way towards this new found virtual field of business? Then you might later on say to yourself, "I think I have to try this and find out for myself".

But please don't tell me that you will instantaneously jump right on and start. You should first do yourself a favor and research some blogging tips and tutorials to at least get the basic knowledge about how you can suitably start a blog.

Searching for the tutorials and tips

The decision has been made and you want to start a blog. Or you have a blog but you've decided to take some tips and ideas on how you can hone your blogging skills.

But where can you get these ideas from?

One advantage in looking for tips and tutorials about blogging is the fact that it is found absolutely anywhere online. Excuse me for being a little exaggerating here but truth to be told, you can just type "blogging tips and tutorials" in search engines and voila you have it in an instant.
YouTube is also one nice place to go and see uploaded videos that talk profoundly about how you can go through with blogging (you can use the same phrase here too).

You can also go to famous forums and meet people who talk about their own experiences in blogging. Some pro bloggers are giving out their personal tips and ideas without asking for anything in return. Bloggeries is one forum site that you can visit and then register to become part of their community.

Blogging tutorials also come in many forms, like in e-books, long article posts, videos, etc. But you cannot really detect if it's helpful enough, unless you find out for yourself by reading it and then putting it into action. So yes! Go ahead and explore to find out what these tutorials have in store for you. Although you might encounter a number of paid tutorials, so I suggest that you search for some reviews to make sure that they're worth your penny. You should get some basic information about the author before purchasing the material.

Basically, all I'm telling you is to widen your scope of research when looking for tips and tutorials for blogging because all the information you get may not be 100% applicable for you, which then leads me to my next point.

Learn to filter the information you get

The truth is, not everything we find, see and read over the internet is credible and/or applicable. And when it comes to finding blogging tips and tutorials, all the information that you are able to gather will not necessarily be a useful, actionable advice that can help you in your blogging endeavor.

Some experts would say that blogging is a passion while others would say that it's something you can easily learn and make money from. However, I truly think differently. The former states a very noble idea but it doesn't really explain what to do to make it work. While the latter is just too flimsy to be considered as a real advice, and you can't just settle to that kind of mindset.

So now what?

You can listen and learn from pro bloggers who are genuinely good with their craft and get motivated by them. Darren Rowse (the "Problogger"), for example, is a great source of blogging tips and tutorials. And all the research that you do about blogging is always worth it. Yet you also have to balance things up.

Finding your own voice is one great thing to achieve. So don't just depend on every tutorial you stumble upon because you have your own brain to use. I don't mean to make it sound so harsh. But these tips and tutorials are simply meant to stimulate you. It's for the main purpose of inspiring you to be more consistently probing, innovative and wise. Chances are that you will constantly be hearing one thing - that "content is king", but no one really can give you a magic-bullet recipe on how to actually produce it. Hence, everything is still up to you.

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