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Monday, November 21, 2011

How Does SEO Help You ?

Many organizations like Google,Yahoo etc. provide a search engine on their website. In fact, according to a study 88.7% of internet users use Google to search the internet. A Search Engine is the most common tool used by internet users worldwide. You might have noticed that any keyword searched on Internet renders thousands or even million of search results. Studies reveal that almost 80% of people searching on internet do not look at the results beyond those appearing on the first page. A very few internet users go to second or third page. If your website or business does not appears in top 10 or 15 search results, then it is quite unlikely that you are getting any of the internet traffic directed from search engines.

A methodology known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to improve your search result rankings. With application of proper optimization technique you can make your website or business appear among top search results on every search engine. It includes a number of techniques which are broadly classified as On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. On-page Optimization includes the techniques or modifications which may be required on your web pages to make the crawlers and spiders of the engine find your page among the plethora of web pages. It requires the efficient use of proper keywords on your page tags and content so that the search engine spiders find your page relevant to be displayed upon searching the keyword. It also includes techniques like HTML code optimization, website structure optimization or use of tools like Google webmasters.

Off Page Optimization refers to the implementation of optimization techniques beyond your website to promote it. The most important Off-page Optimization technique is directory submission. Submitting your website URL along with relevant keywords to various user-friendly directories can help you in improving your search result rankings. It also includes variety of social media optimization techniques like Social Bookmarking, Blog and Forum posting and commenting, Article submission, RSS feeds etc. It increases your visibility to internet users on various social networks or blogs. It draws more attention from the internet community to your website or business and allowing them know what you have to offer.

However, It might not be possible for every business or website to take care of their Search Engine Optimization requirements as it is a long-term process requiring constant monitoring and analysis. This is where a SEO consultant comes into picture. A good consultant will provide you with effective solutions which will of great use in internet marketing and to promote your business and websites on any platform you want. Search Engine Optimization consulting companies have experts which continuously work on assuring top rankings for your website. Good SEO consultants provide you with regular feedback and analysis reports of your search rankings so that you can watch the results yourself. Some companies also provide regional SEO services which can help you target the audience from a particular region or geographical location.

There are a lot of companies which provide Search Engine Optimization services but you need to choose the best SEO company in order to get desired results. Every SEO company promises to deliver you top rankings but a very few actually do that. You need to evaluate all the options available and look for the best package which suits your requirements. The services should be result-oriented and productive and assist your in every possible way to achieve the bottom line of your business.

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