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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The 10 Commandments For a Successful Online Business Entrepreneurs

Too many people join and start an online home based business and fail because they lack the knowledge needed to make money online. Valuable time is wasted trying to figure what works and what doesn't work. Here are 10 items, commandments if you will, that have been proven to work and that all successful online home based business entrepreneurs have followed to generate true residual income.

1.) Shall not lie
No one likes a liar, nor will people follow a liar. Liars are always exposed and once that happens, their credibility is shot. Good luck building a successful business with zero credibility. Be honest, truthful, and upfront with the people you interact with. Integrity is a must.

2.) Shall be confident
What do all leaders have in common? They are confident in their actions. Confidence attracts people and a leader has many followers. But confidence doesn't always mean you have the answer; a person can be very confident in answering a question, "I don't know".

3.) Shall provide solutions to peoples problems
Are you giving someone a hammer when they need a screwdriver? Or are you giving a person the tools he or she needs to solve his or her problem? The second part to that is do they know it? Provide solutions and do not beat around the bush - make sure the customer knows that you are providing a solution to their problem.

4.) Shall be informed
You can never position yourself as an expert if you are not educated in what you are doing. The key to this commandment is to develop a habit of learning..., something you practice every day. Read books, take training courses, listen to CDs but do something to further your knowledge. You will never have the answer to everything but if you don't have the answer to anything, it will be easy to see why you are failing.

5.) Shall adapt to new technology
Web 2.0 is here. Are you utilizing it or are you still walking around the mall for hours on end trying to generate leads? There is so much new technology out there you can use to further your business; Google Adwords, Squidoo, YouTube, and many many more. Have you even scratched the surface yet? Even better, there are people out there who are very capable of taking a totally new person and making them 'fluent' in these cutting edge methods.

6.) Shall set realistic and attainable goals
Every successful person has set goals; it is how one determines if they are progressing in their business. Make sure they are attainable and once they have been reached, set new goals. A successful person never stops setting goals.

7.) Shall learn the art of duplication
Time is money, right? We have heard it before and we all know that the huge benefit of online based businesses is the ability to generate money outside of time. True residual income comes from duplication. Understand that and you are well on your way to being successful.

8.) Shall implement effective marketing techniques
This is similar to Commandment #5 as these techniques usually use new technology, but the fact is the majority of people do not know how to effectively market their idea. You can use Google Adwords, YouTube, Facebook, etc, or the multitude of other marketing techniques out there, but you need to know how to do it effectively; otherwise you are just wasting your time and continuing down the path of failure.

9.) Shall be consistent in their actions
We hear it all the time; be consistent in what you do to build your business. Set up a routine to make it easier. Failing to be consistent - not doing so will result in just that, failure.

10.) Shall be a student and expert in copywriting
Copywriting is by far the most important concept you will need to master. Ask yourself this, "Why did you start reading this article I wrote?" Once you answer that, you have become a student of copywriting - now it is time to become an expert.

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