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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Structuring Your Copy Letter To Return Full Circle

We are going to go step-by-step on the order of your sales copy letter.

1. Focus on the reader - make an important promise early on that tells the reader what's in it for them. Never allow your prospects to question why they are paying attention.

2. Each separate part of your copy should have a main idea that is something intriguing that captures your prospects attention immediately. You want to excite the reader. Don't digress, and don't ramble. Stay laser focused.

3. Be ultra - specific in your assertions, and always make sure to give reasons why. General statements that are not supported by facts cause a reader's thoughts to become defensive.

4. Demonstrate large amounts of credibility, using statistics, expert references and, most importantly, testimonials. Be authoritative - if you're not an existing expert on a subject, you had better have done your research and know significantly more than your reader.

5. After building your credibility and authority, make sure you get back to the most important person around the reader. What's STILL in it for him? Restate the hook and the promise that got readers engaged in the first place.

Once you have this outline down pat, you must extract true benefits. For example, if you sell massage chairs, a feature may be a vibrating back. The benefit would be that it relieves you of any future back pain.

1. Make a list of every feature of your product or service.
2. Ask yourself why each feature is included in the first place.
3. Take the "why" and ask "how" does this connect with the prospect's desires?
4. Get to the absolute root of what's in it for the prospect at an emotional level.

Make an Offer

It's sickening to see so many companies and marketers try to gain business online, without ever making a compelling offer. There's no apparent reason why someone should select you from the overcrowded field, because often you've made no express offer at all.

So many websites assume that a visitor will get the obvious value that the owner knows he provides. Value is communicated through offers; however, those offers must be communicated quickly. Consider the way you surf for a second, and ask yourself - why would my target audience be any different?

In the context of direct-response copywriting, an offer is a call to action. For bloggers, you may want someone to subscribe, bookmark you, make comments or utilize your information resources (that double as sales tools.)

So to sum everything up, returning full circle to your original promise and demonstrate how you've fulfilled it. One of the most repeated rules of compelling copy is to stress benefits, not features. In other words, identify the underlying benefit that each feature of a product or service provides to the prospect, because that's what will prompt the purchase.

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