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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Does Your Website Grab People's Attention?

Ever visit a blog or website that draws you in? The next thing you know you're exploring the site, enjoying the photos or information you find. A great site grabs your attention and does not let you go. That's exactly how man or women entrepreneurs want people react when visiting our sites.

Embrace your message with a passion that can be read and seen the moment someone clicks onto your site.  

How can you grab people's attention?

1. Shake things up

Be fearless. Convey your message using words and images that shock people, stop them in their tracks or make them laugh. No one wants to read dull, humdrum articles or see washed out photos. You're not just attracting readers, your goal is to attract buyers. The more dramatic your site is, the more attention you will command.

2. Do the unexpected

What are people expecting to hear from someone like you? Come at your message and web design from a different direction than what is normally expected. Come up with engaging article and section titles. Play with words and their opposites. Try to find paradoxical or ironic ways of packaging your message. This is the perfect time to pull out your thesaurus!

3. Rock the boat

In nearly all topic areas there are disagreements and arguments about how best to solve a problem. Stand out by jumping into the controversy. Take a stand. Or maybe better yet, create a third way and pit your message against the traditional ways of seeing things. Identify the conflict perspectives and package your book in a way that draws all sides in. Root your hook in controversy. People might not agree with you, but it won't hurt to have your name appearing on posts all over the Internet.

4. Hurry up!

A fundamental principle in selling a product is cultivating a sense of urgency. Buy today! Don't miss out! You'll get a bonus if you act right now! Those of us in the information marketing field are at an advantage here. When people are grappling with a problem, the resulting pain and discomfort adds extra motivation to solve the problem sooner than later. You can add to their sense of urgency by how quickly they can expect results from your program or solution. Don't over sell your message, but make sure the reader knows that relief is achievable and in the very near future if they act today.

5. Know how your readers feel

You know what hooks people the most? Finding someone who seems to know exactly how they feel, and especially how they hurt. If your message convinces prospective buyers that you understand them, they'll trust you to help them and be open to hearing what you have to offer. Women tend to be very empathetic, which can be a great advantage when you're competing for customers and clients who want to find the right mentor for them. Express, not only your thoughts, but feelings and emotional insights as well. Capture your essence in words and in images on your site, so that everything comes together in communicating your message clearly, distinctly and passionately.

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