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Saturday, August 6, 2011

How To Repay Favorite Bloggers

Most of us have a group of ten or twenty blogs that we frequent on a regular basis to either pass some time, or to further our knowledge on a certain subject. In most cases these bloggers devote countless hours each week toward researching, and then writing about a topic so that you the reader can benefit from it.
99% of bloggers online make very little in the way of compensation for all the hard work they put into their blogs. The .30 or .40 cents they make on an AdSense click will barely cover the hosting costs that are required each and every month. Add in domain renewals, search engine optimization expenses, and all the other fee’s that might be incurred and most of these hard working individuals are actually losing money each month.
You might ask why they would bother then. Well, the answer is simple! Most have an innate desire to help others succeed, and they are also looking forward to the day they themselves will succeed. You see most of us are on a journey toward somewhere different from where we are now. We are constantly striving to improve our status or position within society. If along the way, we can help others to succeed, even better.
So how can we as readers and visitors return the generosity of those bloggers? 

Here are a few ways that we can show our appreciation, and help them reach their goals at little or no expense to us.

  1. One of the most rewarding things a blogger can receive is feedback, or comments following a post they spent time writing. Even if it’s to ask a question, or offer up additional insight into the topic, it will be appreciated by the blog owner. It might take you a minute of your time, but it will mean a lot to the author.
  2. If you are on Twitter or Facebook, most bloggers have a way of sharing their content, either through a “like” or retweet button; they almost always have a way for their readers to share their content. A retweet might seem like such a small thing to you, but for the site owner it can mean an extra 40 or more visitors.
  3. If you see an advertisement that appeals to you, feel free to give it a click to read more about the product or service. Most bloggers have setup banners and other ads to help offset the costs of running their sites, and even though a click may be worth only a few cents, every bit helps. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t click on ads you aren’t interested in, as the advertiser is the one paying for those clicks, and there is no sense inflating their budget just to help out the site owner.
  4. When you’re in the market to purchase an item online, try and purchase it through a site that you’ve gotten a benefit from. Most of us are also affiliate marketers, and the links on our site are affiliate links. If you are picking up a copy of Market Samurai or Bookmarking Demon, you won’t pay any more for the item, but you will be helping out the blog owner as both these programs pay a $58.00 commission for the referral.
  5. Write about them on your own site, or perhaps give them a link if you’ve found an article that your readers would benefit from. In the world of SEO, backlinks are like votes from other websites, and can help boost your rankings and SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Position).
  6. Email them with a simple thank you. You’d be surprised with the ratio of “can you help me” emails to “thank you” emails.

It doesn’t take much on your part to show your appreciation, but the result over time can mean the difference between a favorite blogger of yours continuing to provide great content, and simply letting his blog fizzle out with only a post here and there when he or she happens to think about it.

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